Flight Response and the Brain 

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The reticular activating system (RAS) presents the channel via which all the data and information is transmitted to the brain. Consequently, the structure allows and denies entry to the information accessing the brain. The RAS is comprised of a great number of neurons, which is positioned in the brain stem (“Functions of Reticular Activating System (RAS) | Brain | Neurology”, n.d.). In this case, information would be transmitted to the brain via the RAS to alert the brain of the bump that has taken place in his lower left leg. 

The thalamus represents a minute structure that is positioned within the brain at the top of the brain stem. It is integral to note that the thalamus formulates a connection between the midbrain and the cortex through expansive nervous connections (Sherrard, 2017). It is tasked with the communication of sensory and motor signals to facilitate them to reach the cerebral cortex. Hence, the thalamus would play an integral role in processing the sensory information transmitted by the RAS to the cortex. 

The hypothalamus and the amygdala play an imperative role in facilitating automatic flight response from the individual. The amygdala, in reference to previous experiences and memories, is responsible for the determination of the possible threats based on the information transmitted to the brain (Sherrard, 2017). It is integral to note that it determines the emotional significance of the information thus initiating a response. After the information is processed, the hypothalamus is observed to activate the sympathetic nervous system through the transmission of distress signals via autonomic nerves, which then transmit the signals to the adrenal glands. The glands react by producing adrenaline, which is responsible for triggering an immediate reaction from the body. In this case, adrenaline is bound to trigger immediate movement to escape the bumblebee and move to a safe location to further assess the situation. 

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