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Most of the Mexican American in California is considered to have upheld their culture when it comes to food, family as well as music. In this case, studies indicate that Mexican-American considers a family to be a unifying social factor and they respect it a lot. That is, they consider the family to be a factor brings them together thus being considered to Identifying factor. The studies indicate that Mexican-Americans always come together as a family during meals time and are featured to have their traditional food. Also, during the time of festive or celebration, they always play particular music which is considered to their traditional music, and they have their unique cultural dancing style.

Traditional Mexican American diet is considered to contain a variety of foods as well as dishes that represents a combination of Indigenous Indian, French, Spanish, Mexico and more recently the American culture (Belasco and Scranton 2012). Their traditional diets also depict their geographical regions of Mexico as well as the availability of the local fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy products, as well as protein sources. Currently, while most of the Mexican-Americans live in urban areas, they have been featured to be concentrating in agriculture hence being considered to be the producers of their own food as they plan a lot of greens as well as fruits both for sale and consumption.

The history of Mexican-American indicates that most of them have remained loyal to their traditions. That is, most of their shops in their respective ethnic markets called bodegas are always considered to contain foods used in Latin cooking (Willard 2009). That is, they have a precise way of cooking in which the recipe had been passed on for generations along with specific ingredients. For instance, the Goya food whose products are always found in grocery stores in their regions. On the other hand, part of their culture and tradition entails their traditional music. In this case, studies indicate that Mexico has many artists with different singing styles. However, the studies indicate that Mariachi music is considered to be well-known Mexican-American folk music that is always practiced by the Mexican -Americans.

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