Forming a loving relationship


Love has a very vast meaning but all in all, it revolves around affection or attraction toward something or someone or just strong liking of something or something. Love is the most common and universal thing for nearly all living things. It always leads to the creation of bonds or ties depending on feelings. All these bonds created out love can be summed up as relationship. The affection that exists between of different forms what is called a loving relationship. This is commonly referred to as romantic or intimate relationship.

A loving relationship is simply coming to a partnership with someone due to acceptance, understanding and rather an intrinsic urge within that pushes us toward that person. This kind of relationship is majorly based on sexual attraction. It is commonly built on caring, tenderness, love, trust, sharing and communication.

A loving relationship can be started within a short time but maintaining and building on it is hectic and last for longer time. Some relationships last but some fail for various reasons. People have come up with reasons to try and explain this and have also given advice on how to build a long-lasting relationship (Feldman, R. S. (2017). These advices are mostly built on principles, beliefs and rules in the society.

Principles that Defines a Loving Relationship

Even though the success of a relationship is majorly determined by faithfulness and love, intimacy, connection, friendship, familiarity and safety, there are other essential principles that define a loving relationship. One should respect and value the individuality and boundaries of their partners. People actually need space away from the relationship and just be themselves by pursuing their own interest and interacting with friends.

Your partner should be free to say his/her mind so as to create communication and dialogue in the relationship. This will build trust which is paramount a relationship. Trust translate to confidence and loyalty since your partner believes that you will owner your words and commitments (Jacqui & Martina, 2013). Major decisions and choices made should the made together with each partner offering equal contribution. Give more to your partner than your take from him/her and always try to enjoy his/her company as well as giving more time for romance (Feldman, R. S. (2017).

Beliefs also try to guide and also dictates how a loving relationship should be. Christianity, for instance, dictates that this love should only exist between partners of opposite sex. One should only have one partner, and it warns strongly against unfaithfulness. It encourages marriage and commands each partner to satisfy each other’s sexual needs (The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband—1 Corinthians 7:3). Women are advised to submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5:22) while husbands are urged to love their wives (Ephesians 5:25).  Christianity creates emphasis on love and prayer as the determiners of a healthy relationship (Jonas, 2014).


A loving relationship is a precious thing that is much need by almost everybody. Clinging to the above mention principles and the many that have not been mention will help secure a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Christians should therefore embark on prayer to seek for spiritual intervention because only the relationships that are built in God last forever. Owing to the universal nature of relationships, much sensitization and teaching on this topic are actually necessary to help people grow in their relationships.

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