Every Christian believes in the existence of God who is proclaimed to be the creator of heaven and earth. The Bible which is the holy book guides believers in their day to day activities as they try to embrace the teachings of God. It goes without being mentioned that preachers extract information from the bible. Certain fundamental principles can be haul out from the following chapters of the bible as highlighted below.   

Genesis 19

Genesis chapter 19 has various teachings which can help change the perception of many people in the society. This chapter reveals a series of events whereby; a number of people suffer because they fail to cling to certain laws put in place. It is essential to note that the bible teaches Christians to obey laws which are put in place to ensure that peace is elevated amongst any group of people living within the same geographical location. The most intriguing story in this chapter is the story of Lot and his family. Lot had served the lord faithfully for a very long time and he deserved to be saved from the misery that was about to be subjected to the people of Sodom. The fact that Lot was able to welcome the prophets of God in his home depicts that Christians should learn to trust and welcome those who go to their homes while uplifting the message of God. 

Lot’s wife becomes a victim after failing to obey the rules of God in this story. “But his wife looked behind, and she became a pillar of salt” (Genesis 19:26). Many people in the current era overlook certain factors which can affect their lives either directly or indirectly. The teachings of the bible mobilizes Christians to trust God and position Him at the focal point of their day operations. There are lethal circumstances which can occur to all those who fail to embrace the teachings of God as revealed from this chapter. A good example is when a person gets into trouble after he or she has been warned by their close associates but fail to obey them.         

Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon exposes a number of marital glitches that affect the masses in the contemporary generation. There are very many examples where married people break their vows due to certain dynamics that sabotaged their union. For example, most married people are not faithful to their spouses. People fall into temptations through lust and end up destroying their respective families. Song of Solomon mobilizes people to learn from the mistakes of those who fail to stick to their partners irrespective of the challenges that they face in their lives. 

This chapter can be assessed in diverse ways. Firstly, it is worth mentioning that love is a fruit from God that should be respected at all times. It is never easy to find a partner who loves you on mutual standards with no favours of based on earthly possessions. Consequently, Christians ought to visualize on how they can live spiritually upright lives by avoiding the common temptations that come their way. The core principle which can be pinpointed from this chapter is the virtue of loyalty. Conflicts between married people can only be squeezed if both of them are willing to embrace the vows that they took at the altar when they began their marital journey. Additionally, this scripture also highlights the benefits which the loyal partners can get as far as they stick to one another. Just to state, any preacher can use the Song of Solomon to preach to an audience full of married people because of is strong but educative message.             

Acts 17

Acts Chapter 17 reveals the significance of God in the lives of human beings. This chapter is founded on the various principles that depict why human beings cannot live without the favour and mercy of God who is the creator of heaven and earth. The main virtue which can easily be extracted from the key verses in this chapter revolves on the importance of prayers in the life of any Christian who believes in God. Here is good example of a verse which elevates the position of God in the lives of human beings: “God is not served by human hands, as though he needed anything, for he himself gives to all men life and breath and everything” (Acts 17:25). At this point, any reader can clearly understand how powerful God is. Thus, the world can be a better and peaceful place if people can learn to respect the teachings of the bible.

The highlighted verse encourages the masses to trust in God whenever they present their prayers to Him. There are many incidences that occur in the lives of different people across the globe that make them lose hope. Nevertheless, they can get back the much desired peace if they are ready and willing to trust the Lord through prayers. The actions of human beings can be used to judge them under various circumstances. Yet, these chapter proclaims that God is merciful and He forgives and forget all those who trust and obey Him. 

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