Fundamental Elements of Criminal Justice



Criminal Justice research methods depend on two variables that rely on one another to produce maximum and soundproof results. These variables are the information matrix and the disposition of the case. The elements all depend on the platform of decision making because they describe a decision as an outcome practice rather than the input and process to come up with a stand, hence making it one of the most fundamental elements of criminal justice (Hagan, 2013). Also, it is a method used to create a friendly format of accessing relevant data, either secondary or primary source but before forming a conclusion one needs to understand the importance of the analysis and results steps (Kraska & Neuman, 2011). This research paper will handle a case scenario of unjustified publication by a Virginia journalist who published an article “Raising a child with both parents will do wonders for a child’s future career success” since it is described as one full of discrimination, inequality, and racism. Also, it will focus on creating an explanatory case on structure of the method used by the department.

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Problem Statement

Most journalists are the opportunist; they usually focus on what will sell and gain the attention of the community not bearing in mind the consequences of their actions, hence the decisions of the Virginia Times writer. Criminal Justice research methodologies on such topics usually have a platform or drive (Kraska & Neuman, 2011). Criminology dictates that no research needs to be done without the approval of a channeled panel; hence there is the presence of hierarchy when creating a research platform to help gather adequate information, and the process is legally sponsored (Hagan, 2013). With the necessary information about the required data gathered by the writer on the topic of children future career through parenting. The journalist should have collected enough data and also seek permission from the Justice Department to use the data as a reference to his or her article, hence he or she committed a crime of bridge of confidentiality, use of discriminative, racist, and inequality language to address a pressing issue, and finally, interrupting an ongoing research or investigation. 


Different criminal research methods use unique methodology platforms; to account for the fact, not all the research topics from the department depends on the same style of methods. According to this case study the criminal justice department used the quantitative method of collecting data by the use of online questionnaires, hence external data, assumptions will be validated, and to some extent, it is more of a random methodology because the internet is available for almost a billion users on a daily basis (Hagan, 2013). Also, there is the need to understand that the data collected might be bias because there are limited means to prove how the participants were brought up. 

The method offered a rewarding $10 to all the participants (300 in number), hence not guarantying their private life. The questionnaire was designed under the platform of an app. to help gather information from different parts of the country, hence diversity to help understand the condition of the topic (Kraska & Neuman, 2011). Career success is directly proportional to the age limit of the participants, and also depends on the term “success” because different people have the different meaning. Questionnaires are quantitative research methods of collecting data related to the discourse. The participants need to fill in personal details to help identify if they are ideal candidates.

The data is then collected and then placed according to different groups, for example in this case scenario; the first division will into two units, participants parented by both parents (GROUP A) and those by only one (GROUP B). Also (Group A) will be divided into two sub-units candidate that have experienced a success rate (Group A1) and those with a failure record (Group A2). The second group (B), will be divided into two groups; participants raised by a single parent and records career success (Group B1) and those with a failure history (Group B2). The division can also help in identifying the most affected age group, sex, and state. Using the analysis, a more accurate decision-making strategy can be applied to correspond to the disposition of the case. The division makes the participant’s success the dependent variable and parenting independent. 

Identification of the qualified candidates is an ideal means to receive accurate information about the members. Currently, accommodation is one of the key components of a questionnaire and to use it adequately there needs to be a revised or improved version of the poem. Human relations data state that persons are from different cultural background and norms, and the different gender (Hagan, 2013) To establish a successful means of collecting data, the organization should focus on limiting the research to Virginia, and also perform a qualitative research analysis of the participants in the criminal or citizen database to understand their past and current life conditions (Hagan, 2013). Also, they need to create a particular age group or set to help identify the current and past success rates that will assist in determine the future performance of the study. 

Recommendation/ Hypothesis

Most researchers have a weakness on the locations they choose to perform their study. A topic that dwells on the discourse and family success needs to be handled at family levels, hence a higher chance of receiving more accurate answers and using an appropriate method to control cognitive and behavior patterns of the participants. According to the case, there are high chances that the researcher might have doctored information because the platform is open and can be accessed by anyone, any place, and at any time. To create a better chance of conduction a successful study on the discourse of “parental status while growing up and career success” they need to venture into these communities and interact with the locals to enable them to understand more about parental for success and also get an adequate understanding why which genres more successful than the other (Hagan, 2013). The approach too needs to change because questionnaires have a lot of fabricated information but through the use of oral or one-to-one interview much is revealed to the research team. 

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To conclude, research is a method that helps draw a conclusion on a concept or theory. Some cases need special needs and attention while studying on a detailed family study. Also, to acquire an appropriate amount of data the platform needs to blend the participants with the environment. Also, there is the need for an acute consideration on members’ information. The platform of research is well designed and motivation hence the participants receive compensation for their cooperation, but at the same time it creates a weak system because there are cases of fabrication, double entry of one’s data, and hacking of the system. 

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