Gender Differences

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Gender differences have become of interest and often refer to the average group difference that is seen between females and male based on the sexually monomorphic biological adaptations. The gender difference that is consistent everywhere is the fact that males are expected to be competitive, independent, and assertive while females are expected to be sensitive, supportive, and more passive. Gender differences are often influenced by various factors such as the culture or the society.


The culture and society have an impact on the gender differences. People often receive many cultural messages every time concerning the gender difference, in terms of the roles expected to be fulfilled by each gender (Sams 25). The messages are often sent through magazines, the television shows, movies, family influences, and music. People evaluate the messages so that they can understand the expectations from their gender and how they need to operate in the society. Family relations in a society also have an influence in the gender differences because, for example, women are often considered to be homemakers and caregivers of the children. They often do more housework and the role is reinforced in their characters.

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The differences in gender are also influenced by differences in the brain between males and females. The most obvious differences between the brains are the size where the brain of men is considered to be between ten and fifteen per cent larger than that of women. In addition, their composition is different because the brain of men tends to have a proportion of the white matter that is slightly higher. On the other hand, that of females has a proportion of gray matter that is considered to be higher, especially in most parts of their cerebral cortex (Costandi). In addition, the cortex in the brains of women is slightly thicker than in men’s brain. According to evolutionary psychologists, the difference in the brains of men and women is as a result of sexual and natural selection. I agree with their claim because the brain has to adapt to the environment and in many cases, men and women operate in different environments. In most cases, men operate in a harsher environment as compared to women.


Gender roles often show up in partnerships where women are expected to take care of the husband and the children. In addition, they are expected to take care of the housework such as cooking, washing dishes, and laundry. On the other hand, men are expected to act as the head of the family and offer security. They are expected to pay the bills of the family.


One movie that provides a portrayal of each gender is the Crying Game by Neil Jordan that is considered to be one of the best films in the year 1992. The difference in the gender is seen in their differences in their roles. Males are considered to take the role of getting masculine jobs (Rea). For example, Fergus is seen in London under another name where he was working as a laborer on the construction site. On the other hand, women are seen to be taking up feminine responsibilities where Dil works in a beauty salon,


The gender difference is often influenced by different factors such as the society or culture and the differences in the brain. Gender differences are also evident in the roles that the two genders take up in a partnership. The differences in the genders have become obvious even in movies such as the Crying Game where their roles are clearly differentiated.

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