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It has been observed that over the past fifty years the average temperature of the earth has been increasing at the fastest rate ever recorded in history. Since 2000, the temperatures have been hottest. Those who are against the issue of climate change have argued that there has been a slowdown in the global temperature rise, but they have been disapproved by numerous studies (Hester and Harrison 2). The scientists have made the claim that if the global warming emissions are not stopped, the global temperatures may rise by over ten degrees Fahrenheit in the cause of the next century.

Global warming results from the accumulation of the carbon dioxide, and air pollutants collectively called greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases absorb the solar radiation and the sunlight that bounces off the surface of the earth. In normal cases, these radiations should escape back to space instead of being absorbed by the gas layer in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases can take years to centuries while in the atmosphere and traps enormous heat that makes planet to get hotter (Hester and Harrison 2). This phenomenon is also referred to as greenhouse effect.

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Combustion of fossil fuels and coal produces carbon dioxide which is a heat-trapping pollutant. Curbing extreme climate changes that result from the global warming requires substantial deep cuts of the released emissions. The scientists have been developing new mechanisms to make the power plants modernized, burn fewer fuels in the transportation sector and generate cleaner energy (Hester and Harrison 4). The rising temperatures of the globe are fueling the hotter and longer heat waves, heavier rainfall, frequent droughts, and powerful hurricanes.

Importance of Global Warming Topic

The importance of the global warming to the environment is quite sophisticated. However, it can be noted that it causes decrease and increase of the global temperatures. This aspect makes some cities or regions to experience extreme colder or hotter climate. This issue is of great concern to the environmental scientists because it affects the ecosystem, habitat and also the ocean water levels. Just a slight increase in the global temperature it would result in a disastrous impact on the people who live near the coastal areas (Chiras 2). This aspect may mean flooding because ocean levels would rise. Again global warming can affect the living things that live in particular regions since they can be affected by the pH range and temperature that results in their probable extinction.

It is also known that trees absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to manufacture their food, however, over the recent past decades, there has been massive deforestation. This scenario has made it hard for the fewer trees left to absorb the increasing carbon dioxide produced by the growing number of industries (Chiras 10). Thus, for environmental scientists who have an interest in plantation cover have a great role to play in addressing the global warming, which implies that this topic is of great importance to them.

Global Warming and Environmental Studies/ Sustainability

During the summer season, the sun produces massive heat that is drying up the lands for farming and also starts huge wildfires. This situation occurs due to the global warming. The climate change occurs due to the human activities that entail the release of substantial quantities of the greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases traps the heat and allows a little to escape to space (Freedman and Jaggi 6). However, extreme emissions of greenhouse gases from the human activities in the environment mean that the heat energy from the sun does not escape, but it is trapped and results in atmospheric temperature rise. Currently, many areas are experiencing the global warming, and such cities should sign the Kyoto Protocol to lessen the greenhouse gases production.

Responsiveness and consciousness are quite important in helping to find ways that will reduce the effects of global warming. A sustainable lifestyle is quite relevant for creating a brighter and better world where people can live in harmony with nature. The environmental studies advocates for the people to live in such a way that they protect the environment. It also calls for the people to ensure that there is enough plantation cover. This aspect helps reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted to the atmosphere and end up reducing the global warming. In other words, it can be noted that the needed change lies on human beings who should ensure that they live a sustainable lifestyle. Again management of the waste disposal can see the world being transformed (Freedman and Jaggi 60). The development of sustainable practices together with ensuring that all human activities do not aggravate the situation but rather improve environment substantially prevents global warming. These environmental practices would greatly reduce the global warming effects.

Impact Global Warming to Environment

Global warming has positive and negative effects; however, the negative impacts overshadow the positive impacts. First, the global warming can make regions like Siberia, Antarctic, Arctic and other frozen areas of the globe to have more plant growth. The likelihood of next ice age may not once again occur if the global warming continues. The deaths that have been resulting from extreme coldness may not continue to occur and even the excessive energy consumption to warm the cold regions may significantly reduce. The global warming can also bring to the end the boundary disputes between the nations over-lying islands (Bhattacharjee 219). Further, the growing seasons have been elongated by the global warming, which implies that there will be increased agricultural production.

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On the other hand, various negative impacts are attributed to global warming. First, the increase ocean temperatures imply that the tropical storms will pick more energy which can bring tremendous destruction. This negative effect can be turned to be a positive one by harnessing the energy in the storm to produce electricity. However, some of the costliest Hurricanes cannot be changed to make a positive impact. The melting of glaciers and severe droughts results to dramatic shortages of water (Bhattacharjee 220). However, the molten ice and snow make the ocean level to rise which implies that ports can be constructed near the mainland and reduce the cost of transportation from the sea port.

It should also be noted that the disruption of the natural habitats may greatly drive some animals and plants to extinction. Further, farms, cities, and forests face troublesome pests, heavy downpours, heat waves and increased flooding. Impacts like heavy pours can be used to harness more water that can be used to irrigate the farms during the dry season; also the heat waves can be used to harness solar energy to light homes. Although these negative effects can be turned to be positive, the adverse consequences on the health, economy, and environment are so severe that it requires drastic mitigation measures to reduce global warming.

Adjustments Needed

It is important for people to turn to the use of the renewable energy instead of using the fossil energy that produces the greenhouse gases. People should adopt the use of the solar energy that does not result in the emission of carbon dioxide. Again, there should be the production of the energy-efficient appliances which would be the lowest way to cut the emissions. Another adjustment that can be done to reduce the impacts of the global warming is the weatherizing the homes (McKarthy 3). This aspect implies that houses are modified in such a way that it is more energy efficient to reduce the home energy use.

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Further, government policies should be adjusted to ensure that there is legislation that reduces production of the carbon dioxide gases that are responsible for the global warming (McKarthy 3). When all these adjustments are made, there will be a substantial reduction of negative impacts resulting from the climate change due to the global warming.

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