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Proposal Summary

This grant proposal will be seeking the allocation of $2516475 at Morgex Online Mall. The allocated funds will be intended for expanding the operations of the company in Canada after having been successful in their US operations. The money will be used for the purpose of creating the Canadian version of the Morgex online platform, developing a supply network Canada, recruiting and training employees for the Canadian venture, and the cost of marketing the new online mall in Canada.

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Organization Description and History

Morgex is an online mall that was formed in 2011 in the United States. The business began as a retail store that had an e-commerce department. However, after the realization that their e-commerce activities were more profitable, the company changed to a fully online retail store. The organization uses a flat organizational culture, which is part of the requirements for such a business because of the need for decisions to involve all the stakeholders.

The company sources their products from various suppliers within the US and make sure that orders are delivered within 72 hours depending on the nature of orders made and the location where the delivery is supposed to be made. Orders are made through the company’s portal or mobile device apps. The response team the forwards the details of the orders to the stock department who make sure that the products ordered are available as soon as possible. The delivery department then makes sure that the product is delivered in time. Upon reception, the delivery personnel fills an online form that indicates that the process is complete. The company has a separate customer service and marketing departments.

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The Canadian office has not yet been opened though there has been the research team that was charged with the responsibility of determining Canada as a viable market for Morgex. The branch manager will have to work closely with the head office for this project to be complete. There will also be close supervision of the performance of the Canadian version of Morgex to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that the operations of Morgex in Canada are a replica of the operations of the operations in the US in terms of quality and sustainability.


For most organizations, expansion is always a viable option for increasing their revenue. For Morgex, the management has been a consideration the possible ways through which the company can increase their revenue. There are various alternatives that were suggested including rebranding so that they could re-introduce physical stores, expanding to an international market, and increasing the funding of marketing so that they can improve their sales volume locally. After deliberation, it was observed that expansion to international was more viable and sustainable option as compared to the remaining alternative. This is because expansion into one international market will pave the way for the expansion of the organization globally.

According to Luo & Tung (2007), when companies expand internationally, they seize the opportunity to access more market than they can access by simply focusing on expanding locally. This is an implication that such ventures enable the organization to raise more profit that they can raise by sticking to the local markets. Ultimately, most of the companies that focus on e-commerce have always found it easier to expand internationally as compared to the business organizations that use the traditional models. Furthermore, the similarities between the e-commerce market in Canada and US make it highly probable that this expansion will be successful.

Project Description

This program will be aimed at facilitating the expansion of Morgex into the Canadian. After doing well in the in the US market, it is logical for Morgex to consider venturing into international markets as an option for increasing their sale. There are two factors that determined the venturing into the Canadian. One of the factors is the proximity of Canada to the US, which is an implication that head office can monitor the operation in Canada. The other factor is the similarity of the response of the Canadian and US market to e-commerce.

The first step of the project will involve undertaking a study on the Canadian market to determine in what way the operations of the company in Canada need to be different from their operations in the US. This part of the project will take three months because of the important role it plays in determining whether the project will be successful.

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The next step will be setting a team. The team will involve the executives who will be charged with the responsibility of recruiting the other members of staff.

With the team in place, the project will go to the actualization stage which will involve making sure that the venture has been fully registered, has a physical office, has a website, and a well-laid infrastructure to make sure that they are effectively able to function just like the organization in the US.

The fourth step would be marketing Morgex in Canada for the purpose of creating awareness and enhancing popularity. This stage of the project will take a month. This step will be followed by the evaluation stage. Evaluation will include determining if the various functions of the organization are working as expected. This stage will take one month. The final stage will be an improvement and will focus on correcting the areas that have been identified in the previous stage.

Project timeline

Step 1: research on the Canadian market

Start the research process on the 23rd April 2018. The process will go for a period of one month thus will be completed on 23rd May 2018

Step 2: setting up a team

The process commences on 25th May 2018, and since it will take two weeks, the program will end on the 10th June 2018.

Step 3 registration

This part takes three weeks and commences on the 14th of June.

Step 4 setting up an office

Takes three weeks and will take place at the same time will be handling the registration process.

Step 5 designing and creating the website

Takes three weeks and will take place at the same time will be handling the registration process.

Step 6 developing infrastructure for operations

Takes one month and will take place at the same time will be handling the registration process.

Step 7 Marketing

This part of the project commences on the 8th July 2018 and takes one month.

Step 8 Evaluation

The evaluation takes two months and commences on the 9th August 2018.

Step 9 Improvement

The improvement part is a continuous process thus does not have a timeline.

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ActivityBudget (in $)
Setting up team56900
Setting up office800000
Designing and creating the website67000
Developing infrastructure for operations645200


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  1. Luo, Y., & Tung, R. L. (2007). International expansion of emerging market enterprises: A springboard perspective.
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