Guidance and Coaching Competencies

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How do you think guidance and coaching in the advanced practice role is different from the RN role of teaching/coaching? 

According to Link (2009), “teaching is a core function and clinical activity of advanced nursing practice (APN)” (p. 280). As compared to RN role, the APN role is expected to provide nurses, including RNs, with opportunities for advancement and professional growth through experience and preceptorship. As defined, “the preceptor role has been described as the act of coaching a person through a transition—in the case of students in an advanced practice nursing program, the transition is from the role of the generalist registered nurse to that of a nurse specialist” (Link, 2009, p. 280). As such, by virtue of the APN’s work experience and advanced theoretical knowledge in various contexts, their role in guidance and coaching is more specialized and focuses on areas that need to be improved.

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Are there certain elements of this competency that are more important than others?

There were four (4) elements of competencies that were identified by Hamric, Spross, & Hanson (2008) as relevant in undertaking the guidance and coaching role: clinical competence, technical competence, interpersonal competence, and the ability to engage in self-reflection (cited in Link, 2009, p. 281). All competencies are revealed to be equally relevant. As emphasized, “preceptors need all 4 competencies to coach a novice through a transition” (Link, 2009, p. 281).

How does the teaching and coaching role fit with a wellness versus sickness model of care?

The wellness model of care focuses more on prevention of illness, on contrast to the sickness model of care which addresses treatment of the patients who have already contracted the diseases (NSW Technical and Further Education Commission, 2009). Thus, the teaching and coaching role fit with a wellness model through the provision of guidelines, techniques, as well as strategies that aims to prevent illnesses as well as maintain and sustain a healthy condition within a long-term time frame.

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