Mitigation of Waste and Resources


People need to start thinking differently about mitigation of waste and resources. Considering that there is an expectation of commodities to remain expensive and volatile in the future. The capacity of many governments to feed its people has been decreasing constantly, especially in countries that are industrialized. This forces the developed countries to lease land in countries that are poorer. Unfortunately, the land of the poorer countries is not spared from pollution where a large amount of production of food that is foreign is being done at the expense of the natural resources that are already depleted.  The scrambling of the lands causes more harm to the environment considering that land is one of the major contributors when it comes to the devastating solution of the world. Situations of the global environment have been worsening over time in all aspects like water, air, noise pollution and pollution of land. This is why resources need to be used properly and there is also a need for waste to be managed in a proper manner. This paper will look at mitigation for waste and resources and how it can be solved.

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The project that is proposed at St George’s field which is a former cemetery is that of the development of a car park and office. The proposed project will interact with each subsystem in a number of ways and have effects on the subsystem. The effects of building over the cemetery are social, economic and environmental (Neckel et al., 2017). The project of building a car park and office will affect the vegetation that exists in the field. This is because space will be needed for the structures to be built leading to the reduction of the space of the vegetation. The trees will also be removed for space to be made available. This will be spoiling the natural resources that have been in existence for a number of years.

When it comes to the environment, this will be a negative effect because vegetation serves functions that are critical in the biosphere. Vegetation regulates the flow of many biogeochemical cycles like nitrogen, carbon, and water (Smith et al., 2015). Trees continue the metabolic activity where moisture is extracted from the soil which makes the soil to be saturated for a longer period of time.   There will be the emission of carbon from the gas boiler and the water that will be discharged to the sewer will also affect the environment. When it comes to economic and social issues the effects are positive ones. Economically, the government will be getting revenues from the offices that will be built on the field and socially people will be having places where they will be parking their cars while going to the offices. The figure below shows a scale of the impacts at the local, national and global levels in terms of the proposed project.

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From figure 1 above, it is clear that the local people are the ones that will be more affected by the proposed project. The whole nation is the second to be affected considering that the area is within the nation. The effects to the globe will not be too much because there can be other vegetation that the other countries have such that the building of a car park and offices on the field will not affect them. The selection of the scale on the impact was done because the local people are the ones that will be affected in a direct way. The effects on the local people will be both positive in terms of economic and social issues while negative in terms of environmental issues. The nation has some other vegetation that can still be relied on thus it will not be affected as much as the local area that the proposed project is set to be. Socially and economically the local will get employment opportunities when the new offices are built. The buildings will need space and existing vegetation will have to be cut. However, after building the offices and car park, some of the space can be set aside for some vegetation to be planted.

There are a number of measures that can be put in place to mitigate the negative effects of the proposed project. One of them is setting pieces of land aside that the vegetation will not be tampered with. This will offer a place for recreation where the people working in the offices can rest during their free time considering that there will be 100 members of staff. This can be achieved if the size of the car park is reduced so that not all the field will be used for the project but only a part of it. Apart from the reduction of the size of the car park, the car park can be built on the basement where some of the staff members will be parking their cars. This will mean that less space will be needed for the car park. Instead of the use of gas boiler and electricity, solar panels can be placed on top of the building which will help in heating and also providing light (Chikaire et al., 2010). Instead of the water being disposed of in the sewer, it can be recycled and used for other purposes like cleaning the offices.

If the above measures for mitigation will be put into practice, there will be a part of the land that will not be used. This means that not all the field will be utilized for the proposed project and some of the vegetation will not be tampered with. The use of solar energy will mean that there will not be any carbon emissions thus the environment will not be polluted. However, the use of solar energy can slow down the rate of work that needs to be done and the preference will be electricity (Ladenburg, 2014).

Protection of the environments is something that will always be important and this is why the current generation needs to provide a life that is safe for the generations to come. There are a number of things that can be done for the creation of e better environment considering that nature has given us the resources that are necessary to be able to live and prosper. People need to adopt lifestyles that include the way that they are building houses and offices to promote a lifestyle that is healthy for the whole population. Saving the environment does not require a lot of effort and it should start with each and every person. Pollution needs to be controlled by paying attention to the details that are minor like how wastewater is being discharged.

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