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The United Healthcare

The United States of America is one of the nations that have valued the need to promoting healthcare for its citizens, together with the other international people who may visit the US for medication. There are numerous healthcare facilities in the United States; one of them being the united healthcare, which to date is among the top healthcare groups of the world. The United Healthcare, also acronymic as the UHG (the UnitedHealth Group), is characteristically expanded health and wellbeing organization. The UnitedHealth Group is headquartered in the United States and has for many times named as the leading healthcare organization in helping people live healthier across the globe (Group, 2017). The main aim, of the group, is to ensure that people live more robust and making the health systems work better for every person around the world.

According to the current company’s objectives, the company is committed to introducing innovative methods, products, and amenities that can promote healthier living for the local communities, and particularly to the personal health of both the sick and the healthy persons. The company strives to encourage healthier life for the populations, to prevent infections, as well as ensuring that all those affected by certain illnesses get access to medication. The organizational capabilities to achieving such expansive objectives, and also the ever-changing healthcare environment, is supported by their core expertise in clinical proficiency, advanced technology as well as unique healthcare informatics system. Thus, under this backdrop of the UnitedHealth Group organization, the essay assesses its strategies to take in hand the needs of the populace in the subsequent decade. Approach including organizational strategic plan aimed at addressing the issues within the corporate growth, nurse staffing, resource management as well as patient satisfaction will be discussed.  

Addressing Of Future Healthcare Needs of the Population

The United Healthcare, in all the endeavors, believes that the America’s health care industry necessitates a transformational change. The change is what is aimed at providing all the healthcare facilities across the nation with improved quality, border healthcare choices, as well as reduced health care costs. The healthcare costs are not only a concern to the healthcare providers in the United States but also to the US government and the health insurance providers (Group, 2017). Thus, the United Healthcare has been insisting for the last few years on the adoption of the advanced technologies and approaches that will lead to a better health care for the population. This is strategized to be achieved through an improved delivery of care, improved connectivity as well as better public resource utilization. 

The principle that guides the United Healthcare organization is that the health benefits did not begin, and as such, it should not stop after establishing the PPAHCA (The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act). The stepping up of the health services by the health providing organizations like the case of the United Healthcare will, therefore, be achieved not only through a collaborative approach with the public and the private sector but also through a collaborative approach with the more significant health care provider industry in general.

The United Health Group strongly supports the idea that is aimed at making sure that healthcare is available to everyone wherever they are. The problem has however been on the cost of healthcare, which the United Healthcare has found to be the dominant stumbling block to accessing healthcare. Therefore, to address the issue and achieve the goal of affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone, the group, in its future strategies, aims at staging innovative solutions that address the underlying health cost drivers. The objective is projected to minimize the medical burden, which has for many years been on the shoulders of the federal government. The initiative not only aims at relieving the medical responsibility of the federal government but also to the consumers and the healthcare fraternity in general.

The healthcare cost has been a significant hindrance to achieving the healthcare sector objectives. Based on the data released by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services, the CMS, it is projected that that the total expenses in the healthcare sector alone is expected to go up from 11 to about 19.6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product by the end of 2021(Group, 2017). The high spending of the organization does not accrue to a better healthcare outcome. The UnitedHealth group asserts that based on the data from the World Health Organization, in comparison to the United States, 28 nations appear to have less life expectancy. This is an indication that consumers and all stakeholders in the health sector can appreciate the worth from what they spent in healthcare a couple of years back. The United Healthcare maintains that a successful tackling of such healthcare cost issues can create an approach as well as long-term answers for the enhancement of healthcare in future. 

The United Healthcare is specifically aimed at the betterment of the healthcare services through optimization of public resources and also building upon the basis of employer-centered health coverage. Also, such an objective can also be achieved by the employment of progressive approach to healthcare benefits of the consumers and the healthcare stakeholders in general.  As such, the plans aiming at the improvement of the healthcare of the citizens include modernization of the strategies healthcare delivery to improve the affordability of healthcare services.  The UnitedHealth group has for the last few years and is also currently strategizing on making technology an enabling factor for better healthcare for all.

Furthermore, within the group, the Center for Nursing Advancement provides techniques through which nurses and the nursing staff, in general, can efficiently navigate the needs of the ever-changing nursing profession. That is, the future of healthcare has been projected to change rapidly and thus, the betterment of the future of healthcare is through investment in the staffing sector. The nurses are targeted to be the leaders of their areas of expertise and also enabling them to be innovative in their new areas of delivery. Thus, the future of healthcare is well-planned within the staffing system of the group. 

The health revising in future, as a strategy for the betterment of healthcare in the future, is also part of the approach of the firm. This is achieved through a plan in which there is an adoption of better informatics devices which store the patients’ data safely for a more extended period (“A Modern, High-Performing, Simpler Health Care System”, 2017). In addition to the betterment of records and nursing informatics, the company has also been focusing on the health security services to consumers through an adoption of insurance services. 

The United Healthcare owns a range of assets including its valued workforce, the advanced healthcare equipment as well as the general customers. Nurses, being one of the most treasured assets, or the staff of the organization are trained to be innovators as well as how to become nurse leaders. The employment act also does the recruitment process of the trained and qualified nurses. Therefore, the future of the nursing sectors is well strategized by the company, and by the end of one decade from now, the group will have received the objectives already laid down.

In conclusion, the United HealthCare has its headquarters in the United States and has for many times been named as the leading healthcare organization in helping people live healthier lives across the globe. The company strives to promote healthier living for the populations, to prevent infections, as well as ensuring that all those affected by certain illnesses get access to medication. The organization has envisioned the future of healthcare through a well-established plan. The main issue much stressed in the group is the healthcare cost, the skills of the staff as well as an improvement in technological approaches in the healthcare services. Nurses are trained so that they can be an innovative workforce within their areas of expertise. The adoption of the latest technical devices is also part of ensuring that everyone gets access to quality healthcare at an affordable rate. Thus, the UnitedHealth has better strategies for the betterment of the future of healthcare. 

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