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The smoking cessation program will help the Los Angeles residents who to stop smoking habits or even stop using tobacco related products. The programme will cover the full cost of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) like inhalers, lozenges, and also nicotine gums. The program also contributes to the expenses of prescription drugs to curb smoking cessations. The eligible residents from Los Angeles will either undergo the NRT products option or prescription drugs for smoking cessation like bupropion and varenicline. I selected the program because smoking is one of the most common causes of death in Los Angeles (Ozaki, 2006). The majority of this smokers have struggled to quit the habit but in vain. The county record 1 in every 7 death is caused by smoke. Additionally, the county loses close to $4.3 billion as a result of smoking-related diseases. Some of the leading causes of smoke related deaths are chronic airway obstructions, lung cancer, and also coronary heart infections. As of last year’s demographics, the cultural demographics of Los Angeles comprises of 17.6% of Latino and Hispanic, 61.6% of them were Non-Hispanic whites while 5.6% of the people were Asians. The Blacks and the African American comprised of 13.3%, with 2.6% of two or more races and 77.7% of the white Americans. Based on their age group, persons below the age of 5 were 6.2%, persons below the age of 18 were 22.9% while those that were 65 and over were only 14.9%.

Changes in demographics and age have a greater impact on the local healthcare market for Los Angeles. This is because they have an impact on the healthcare resources that the county needs, the cost of health care that the county provides, and also the conditions that affect each age group and their related demographics. The county will, therefore, need to adapt first to meet the changing needs of their community while at the same time addressing the requirements for health reforms. For instance, the shift in the aging population has a direct impact on the health care system of the county. The findings from the county point out that the county has several health needs that are directly caused by smoking habits. Some of this needs and issues include the care of chronic diseases like the respiratory diseases, the high rates of lung cancer, smoking and illicit use of drug substances, and also the mental health services. Just like the national healthcare market, the county is still struggling to improve the health care of its people. The county is committed to caring for its people’s healthcare needs, nurture the sick, and also strengthen the health wellness of its people (Settegast, 2008). Some of the wellness programs include the weight loss programs which has significantly lowered the statistics of the obese in the community. This has really reduced the cost incurred by the families and the health care centers to handle the issue. Another program is that of smoking cessation program. The program intends to save the county from incurring billions of dollars to curb the menace. The smoking cessation program will be marketed through mass media campaigns which thorough campaigns will be carried out to promote quitting smoking among the adults through advertisement and road shows.

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