The history of women as featured in the world month of March is beyond the visible cerebrations. It is a rich field in the field of study in the colleges and universities. This helps in the passing of relevant legacies to the current and coming generation. The various role models featured in these historical coverage serve as cultural icons (Werner 2007). This paper will review four article namely Ecclesiastical cases, Gender, space and ritual, business and politics as women work, women writings and rejection of reproduction. Discussed herein also are the effects and problem statements of the tittles to the current society.

Ecclesiastical adultery cases

In the attempt to seek superiority, the women debated the issue of the Ecclesiastical adultery cases in greater heights. In this court this article reveals the providence by the law to the women to carry on a lawsuit and the significance of this activity. In the defense of self, the women who were married were having the allowance to counter allegations. This was an allegation whereby to be offered the legal separation process was not easy (Werner 2007). On the same note there is the evidence of how the married women who were seeking the legal suit used the false and cruel accusations to show the court how their husbands re irresponsible and thus demand for separation. The main agenda was to reveal their superiority and capability of independency on men. However, this could this form of litigation be the cause of the increased number of single parenthood, orphans and the same gender marriage.

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Needs of women

In the case of the women and young girls who have continually been affected by the gender-based violence, the women need to be secured. Most of these cases for example where there have been quakes, the women and girls are getting pregnant and giving birth. Some have been exposed to harsh environments like living in tents and are vulnerable to attacks like mosquito bites. They should be protected and put in safe environment to ensure safety of the unborn.

Gender, space and ritual

Performance of women in various fields was unknown until various proponents came up with the theories to support the contribution of women in what was generally known as masculine bars. In the UK this theory was practiced where Helena was nominated into parliament. This sets a pace for the women to participate and increase their professional qualifications. Under this this paper outlines the limitations of the separation of the masculine and the feminine members of the bar (Berger 2011). It also outlines the interwar debates by the ambitious proponents on the involvement of women in legal quorums.

Business and politics

This article stresses much on the debate on the role of women on the public. They based their arguments on the legal writings, the dictates of the business just to mention a few (Coyle 1986). The participation in business and the need to be part of the politics were some of the transformations needed I Australia in the midcentury.

Women writing on women

Attempts were made by the various individuals to express their views on the position of women. This article stresses most on the racial discrimination by Taj’s feminism. It states that I resulted from the modern constitution in Iran and nationalists (Juarez 2016).

Rejection of reproduction

In the steering of this statement an organization for non-parents was put in place and given the name Non-parents. The proponents of this article view the need and the appreciation of the non-parents as equally responsible and productive members of the society. However, this faced criticism from those who believed in reproduction and responsible parenting (Juarez 2016). In the cause of this debate the non-parent was able to make some improvements on the opinions that hindered their delivery and finally they were able to bring home the concept of optional childlessness in the minds of the Americans.

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