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Faith based health care delivery systems have been a significant constituent of healthcare in most of developing countries in the word especially Africa. They offer partnership with healthcare service providers in provision of best services to the local community (Kagawa, Anglemyer & Montagu, 2012).The systems are characterized by Consumers of health care, Providers of health care, Payers for health care services and Health care regulation. United States plays a major role in international health care delivery system where the government plays a major part. Faith based healthcare provides quality services to the public and

Consumers of health care

Consumers of these health care services are the local people, community at large and the general public. These consumers are able to access healthcare services they require from their chosen healthcare delivery systems.

Providers of health care

Faith based organizations help in provision of fair access of health services, they have been in the front line in public health campaigns for example the spread of HIV, and their aim is based on religion (Haakenstad et al, 2015). The work of these institutions is made possible by government support, projects which aid in generation of income, support from the community groups and commitment of working staff.  The organizations are characterized by provision of quality services and play a major role in support of the local communities.

Payers for health care services

Faith based organizations have shown a great support in health care as a result of their build established relationships with the local communities where they are serving and as a result, some funding entities have really shown a big interest in them (Haakenstad et al, 2015). Examples of these entities include; global fund, associated with fighting of HIV, World Bank, United Nations, programs on HIV/AIDS and the global fund. These organizations can be traced back during colonization period where some of the missionaries came along with the colonizers in Africa and other continents. During this time, funding for the faith based health care organizations came from religious communities internationally and colonial support (Haakenstad et al, 2015). Funding of these organizations was mostly religious based where people who were in religious communities give support to these organizations.

An example of faith based healthcare delivery system in Africa includes AIC Kijabe hospital, which was established in the year 1915 and sponsored by Africa inland church in Kenya (“AIC Kijabe,” n.d). The hospital has shown a great transformation throughout the years. The hospital’s mission is provision of empathetic healthcare and training of spiritual ministry in glory of God. They have a special unit for HIV patients where they are able to access free outpatient care. A major source of funding for the hospital is majorly from patient revenues. If any capital is required for their projects, they seek funds from local or international fundraisers or donors (“AIC Kijabe,” n.d). 

Health care regulation

Regulations have a major contribution in the heath sector where they protect people from various risks and they are responsible in provision of programs for public welfare. These regulations are implemented by both the government organizations and in the private sector. Health care regulations are important in ensuring provision of safe healthcare to every individual. They are responsible in ensuring legal matters are observed and in establishment of rules and regulations.

Role of the United States in an international health care delivery system

United States plays a major role in health care delivery internationally where its government is able to finance health care systems. Health care services are financed by use of public expenditure. United State indicated the importance created from the contribution made by the private sectors in promoting of healthcare. Citizens in the US are able to learn about their health coverage and they are allowed to choose a plan to pay for any services using their income or insurance and still have the opportunity to access the best healthcare services.

Faith based healthcare organization plays an important role in provision of health services to the local people. The services are provided at a lower cost and they are of high quality. Such organizations receive funds from private or government organizations in support of their projects. Various regulations are put in place to govern the activities of these organizations.

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