How to Be a Good American


Throughout history, the American people have continuously questioned their identity. While this country is built by people with diverse histories, cultures, and languages, all are destined to live together. Common values and rules result in unity and a feeling of belonging. America is a land of free and courageous men governed by historical constitutions and amendments, including the right to self-defense and freedom of speech. While America is a land of endless opportunities, it continues to nurture the lives of its population. Therefore, being a good American involves seizing the opportunities to thrive, bringing influence and change, abiding by the law, and attaining educational and career achievements.

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Seizing Opportunities

A good American uses the many opportunities in the country to thrive in life. America is a rich country and has the potential to support the diverse population’s thriving regardless of their social class, culture, country of origin, or language. People in the lower class are hard-working as they seek to succeed and join the middle class (Prouty, 2020). People can climb up in the social class and achieve success in life. To be a good American involves striving to afford most of the necessities in life, including meals, education, and luxury. Every American seeks to achieve the American Dream (Sadlier, 2021). This country supports people’s goals and dreams based on their situations. Some good American sets standards for their life without limitations or boundaries. It is because the American’s mind and diligence can achieve anything through free choices in life.

Influence and Change

To be a good American involves having great influence and the ability to cause change. While America is the world’s superpower, it allows its people to influence change in other countries. However, good Americans do not always need to influence change outside America (Gilens & Thal, 2018). Instead, they affect the world through the slightest of their actions. To be a good American is to be consistent and productive over a prolonged period. It is because success is not achieved overnight but rather takes several months, years, or sometimes decades. Americans engage actively in political and economic activities, which helps them in deciding their fate (Old, 2021). Realizing change and its impact on the world, one must embrace a welcoming heart and be compassionate, loyal, and trustworthy. A good American collaborates with other people, organizations, and relevant agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of other people regardless of their cultural background (Gilens & Thal, 2018). The English language is a vital tool that helps Americans extend their love to others by serving them, developing vital resources, and providing expertise. A good American ensures that the power bestowed on them helps their nation and other countries.

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Abiding by the Law

Moreover, to be a good American is to follow the set laws and regulations stipulated at the local, state, and federal levels. America has many laws governing its people’s conduct. A good American is aware of the various laws that govern different issues that concern them and adhere to them. A good American is a law-abiding citizen who obeys the stipulations of the constitution (Sadlier, 2021). Americans’ life is significantly based on statutory laws that may sometimes differ. A particular state may have a contrasting law with another state. As such, good Americans are sensitive about the state they live in to adjust their behavior accordingly. Based on their profession and occupation, they learn about the regulations, policies, standards, and other expected behaviors (Sadlier, 2021). It is because statutory laws influence every sector, and any violation can lead to a confrontation with the criminal justice system. Thus, with an understanding of vital legal regulations, a good American adheres to and respects them.

Education and Career

Furthermore, a good American seeks to follow a particular career and engage in educational studies. Any successful American has gone through school and has particular certifications or educational qualifications. While America is a developed country, it hardly runs a system where people can thrive without attaining some education. A good American engages in different educational institutions and follows a particular academic process for a specific career (Old, 2021). Whether in a profession or an occupation, a good American advances their knowledge and skills to achieve personal goals. Education is an essential requirement that a good American must have, whether it is acquired in high school, college, or university. It does not matter whether the job will be white-color or blue-color. What matters is following one’s desires, ambitions, passion, and talent in pursuing a particular career path.


In conclusion, a good American embraces pride and unity, using essential opportunities to thrive and bring change. A good American upholds determination and hard work. Consistency and diligence improve Americans, ensuring that they accommodate others regardless of their social class or culture. Showing compassion and empathy makes Americans hospitable, providing services to all populations. Americans who love their country and understand their power become responsible for a better world. It is because they provide their expertise and talents in various issues to solve social issues in the community. They love peace and positive relationships, seeking a better life every day. Finally, good Americans collaborate with others to embrace change and community development.

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