How to prevent human trafficking

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Human trafficking is one of the acute problems related to human rights faced by many countries worldwide, especially America. People are being smuggled out of their country to another country resulting in numerous human rights violations. Therefore, many people need to be aware of how this happens, and countries need to implement laws to help protect people again human trafficking (Tiller & Reynolds, 2020). Besides, people must be aware of how human traffickers trick people into being trafficked. To guarantee that there is no human trafficking in a nation, the government and the people must collaborate for these tactics to be effective. People may be educated about the hazards and consequences of human trafficking, and tough regulations can be implemented to help stop illegal immigration as two possible solutions to the problem. Human trafficking has caused widespread misery, necessitating the development of an effective approach to address the issue. Human trafficking may be solved by applying two main strategies: increasing human trafficking awareness and passing trafficking legislation to restrict this conduct; thus, strict law enforcement can aid in reducing human trafficking.

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Enacting Human Trafficking Laws

The Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2015 has allowed the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency to monitor more closely the supply chains of goods created with child or forced labor (Noland, 2018). In addition, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 requires every firm receiving funds or contracts worth more than $500,000 to make a written guarantee that it will not participate in or promote human trafficking. Furthermore, it gives government entities the authority to terminate any grant or contract with a corporation or individual implicated in human trafficking without suffering costs.

Everyone should have access to human rights; violating them is a crime against humanity. Victims of human trafficking are being held as captives and compelled to labor against their will, which is a significant violation of their human rights. Finding local law enforcement capable of dealing with such a crime is one of the most challenging aspects of investigating human trafficking. Contributions of time and effort to anti-trafficking groups can help the battle against human trafficking. More volunteers have a larger influence on both the organization and the community.

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Volunteer opportunities seized by community members can help save many women, children, and men from abuse and suffering caused by human trafficking across the globe. Unseen is a non-profit organization that provides specialized treatment to persons who have been victims of human trafficking (Farrell et al., 2019). Meeting or communicating with local, state, or federal officials can help raise awareness of the problem and inform the police that their people are interested in ending human trafficking. This social movement raises the possibility of their acting. To encourage victims to come forward and report these crimes, those who do so must be protected. It prioritizes prevention through domestic and international public awareness efforts, prosecution through new federal criminal statutes, and immigration relief for non-citizen victims of human trafficking.

Ensuring Awareness in the Society

People can prevent becoming victims of human trafficking by being aware of the hazards. Men, women, and children are routinely enslaved in domestic and international human trafficking, and everyone must be aware of this. Unfortunately, people lack appropriate understanding regarding sexual violence, intimate relationship violence, human trafficking victims, and teen violence (Muraszkiewicz, 2018). People would be more likely to escape victimization if they were more aware of what human traffickers look like and what they look for in victims. Human traffickers usually prey on the vulnerable, the needy, those in peril, or those seeking a better life. Victims might come from any background and face a range of situations. Everyone may aid victims of human trafficking by becoming more informed about the subject, speaking out, raising awareness, and taking action. Volunteers may learn how to prevent victimization and increase awareness, protecting people and society by detecting local human trafficking. Making people aware of the techniques employed by human traffickers to dupe women and children seeking better lives in other nations goes a long way toward tackling the problem.


Human trafficking has resulted o the suffering of many people across the globe, and this calls for an effective strategy to help solve the problem. The two common strategies that can help solve human trafficking are ensuring human trafficking awareness and enacting trafficking laws to control this behavior. Strict law enforcement can help to reduce human trafficking. This action includes increasing border security, investing more in human trafficking research, and encouraging people to report any suspected human traffickers. Everyone should have access to human rights, and violating them is a crime against humanity. Victims of human trafficking are being held as captives and compelled to labor against their will, which is a significant violation of their human rights. Finding local law enforcement capable of dealing with such a crime is one of the most difficult aspects of investigating human trafficking.

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