Human Eye

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Topics: Humanism, Human Development, Human Nature

The universe is filled with many things that should often be left unexplained. The effort to explain the various phenomena leads to opposition from some factions in the society. The complications can be attributed to the presence of religion and science, which results in conflicts among the responsible parties. For example, the scientific perspective offers a different opinion on matters such as creation as opposed to religious view, which proposes that supernatural being called God created humans. There is an argument between evolution and intelligent design (ID) as to the formation of the eye. 

Before the class, I already heard that human eye is more of evolution based on Darwinism approach. There was an argument that human eye evolved since the past where aspects of natural selection played a great role in its design. However, I was enlightened on the ID of the human eye. Unlike the evolution theory, ID is comprehensive in its arguments. It is easy to state that ID is true in nature because the human eye is composed of multiple elements such as lens tissue, sensory cells, nerves and muscles that work together to ensure there is sight (Miller). The reliance on evolution to explain the human eye is impossible since gene mutation cannot guarantee the working of independent parts to achieve a similar objective (National Geographic). There had to be intelligent supernatural being that assisted in designing the human eye. The ID claim is evident by the strong interrelationship between the components that make the human eye and their correlative functionalities. 

In conclusion, the debate on the human eye would still exist, especially due to the presence of religious and scientific beliefs. The eye is a complex part because it is made up of multiple components that function simultaneously. ID perspective best explains the creation of the eye. 

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