Human Resource Applicability to Workplace and Resourcing Google



Google is an international technology firm based in America and whereby it specializes in services relating to internet and products. These services include advertisement online technologies, software, cloud computation and special hardware. The company was started and founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Brin in the year 1998 when they were students at Stanford University located in California.

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Benefits of Human Resource Management to Google

The human resource management is a department in a corporation that is entitled to various activities such as management, recruitment, safety wellness, employee motivation, administration and giving a proper direction to the people who work in the firm. Even though this department carries the burden of many functions in an organization there are various major functions it is entitled to and whereby they are not limited to the following (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Recruitment is one of the main functions associated with human resource department and whereby it entails advertisement of job posts, interview the applicants, source candidates and make the final decision regarding employment. Secondly, the department also assumes the role of ensuring a safe working environment to the employees which are achieved through training by the human resource specialists. Thirdly the department also provides compensation and benefits to the employees and which is done through a well-structured procedure and by evaluation of the competitive measures. Apart from these functions the department also carries three other major functions which are compliance with labour and employment laws, training, and development of employees and lastly provision of healthy employee relations.

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Google is one of the most successful search engines internationally and this success can be based on a panel of an industrious workforce. The company realization of its employees as the most vital asset and resource has boosted its growth and development. Google implementation and planning of ideal model or strategy that can enhance the integration and connection of the human resource in association with their success can be a key player to realizing new skills and talents of their employees. The best-fit model is a human resource tool that may help Google to focus on the needs of both the employees and the company. This model gives an analysis of the technology, behaviour, and culture which are key aspects of Google as an organization. Therefore employment of this model will lead to Google being able to reach competitive advantage despite the organization setting or the enterprise industry. Apart from this advantage, the model promotes employee teamwork and compensation based on the performance in the production of the firm.  The success of this model is based on hand to hand relation with the best practice model which aims at establishing competent and highly qualified employees in any organization. Both models may help Google in shaping the human resource processes which are very vital to any organization. Both models are good tools in human resource activities but the best fit model may work better for a firm like Google whereby it will enable the human resource managers in the company will be able to participate in the process of decision making and management (Mullins, 2007).

The hard and soft models of HRM

Soft and hard models are the definitions of any human resource department in an organization as it shapes the relationship between employers and employees. Google is a company that mostly deals with human beings in their daily duties may consider the application of the soft model in their HR as it as employees are treated individually and their needs planned accordingly.  This model will ensure the employee’s roles, motivation and rewards are taken care of thus improving their confidence and skills. Even though hard models takes employees as a resource of the business it may also be another better tool in the human resource as it is cost effective workforce and decision-making is focussed on senior managers. These two models may be vital to Google as a company if they are well employed in the recruitment and already existing employees.

Workforce Planning

The organization of employees in accordance with their roles is a very vital aspect. Google is a competent company and its employees are required to be highly qualified and competent due to the advancement in technology. The employment of the collect number of people with the right skills to deliver short term and long term organizational objectives is based on the human resource department. Google has posed as one of the major organizations that have promoted young skills and talents globally with the help of various strategies that are well planned by the human resource department.  Proper planning of these activities promotes equal production from employees as they are allocated to their expertise. Labour can be classified into the skilled, non-skilled and semi-skilled. The qualifications of each level vary differently and therefore their payment and demand are different.

Labour market can be classified into external and internal. Google as an international company has a high labour demand due to its wide range of services around the world. This is caused by the high need of supply from labours in its various countries globally that it is entitled to providing its services. The requirement of highly qualified employees in the market is succeeded by the selection and screening of employees by the human resource. Google being an organization that is used by many people around the universe poses as a firm that can acquire a great share of highly skilled employees. Change in technology and development of new corporate regulations has led to rising of highly skilled people seeking jobs and in return most companies are overspending on these employees. The competitive global requirement for skilled and digital employees, especially to online related companies, is changing the production and services provision in many companies. These changes are leading many companies to improve on employee treatment and relationship with the human resource department.

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The analysis of labour market can be done through PESTLE analysis which explains various factors which are limited to political, social, economic, technological, environmental and legal aspects. Including this analysis in the daily activities of an organization may lead to the realization of the strengths and weaknesses based on the results acquired and thus helping in tackling them. All the above-named aspects help in defining the success level of a firm as they define the daily activities of an organization from human resource to the assets associated with the firm.

Internal labour market

The internal labour market is a strategy used by organizations to hire workers into the entry jobs and filling the high levels with employees from within. This strategy may help reduce market pressure as wages are determined from inside. The internal labour market helps to retain a company’s culture and in the promotion of existing skills between the employees and the services provided. Google is a company that has grown within a culture aimed at providing the best and maintaining its services at a high quality could use this strategy in acquiring its employees. This strategy gets to promote the abilities and skills of employees acquired from the long term experience in this organization.

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Analysis of turnover and stability

Employees are a vital resource to Google as an organization and retention of skilled and motivated employees assures continuous growth of an organization. The aspect of analysing the likelihood of the turnover in labour supply and the needed skills, experience and competency can be realized through turnover analysis. This analysis can provide the human resource managers in Google with information about labour supply in its various companies and in terms replacements where they are much needed. The importance of the turnover analysis is that it can help to realize the skills and different talents within the workforce. After this analysis, the human resource can take the necessary steps in the recruitment of required skills and talent to reach maximum output in production.

The impact of legal and regulatory analysis

There exists a body of employment legislation which deals with a body of various laws which aid in the maintenance of the good relationship between employers and employees. This body helps to deal with issues relating to legal working ages, discrimination and safe working conditions and whereby they are governed by the legislation. These laws include the employment act of 1996, equal pay act of 1970 and national minimum wage rate act of 1998. These laws help most organizations to understand and know the needs of the employees and how to maintain equal treatment in the organization. Even though most companies do not fully adhere to these rules it is important to understand their effects to an organization encase they are not keenly followed. The effects may lead to poor employee performance and inequality in the division of labour thus leading to an opposition. Therefore Google as a company can follow these laws strictly in order to aid in the success of the firm and maintain a good relationship with its employees (Certo, 2015).

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Impact of improvement in technology on human resource Practices

Technology advancement is a global change in many sectors and especially relating to the enterprise. In business, it has simplified the tasks of analysing data and payroll processing to the retention of record. These tasks are enabled by the availability of software databases, computer hardware, and other computational tools that make work efficient. Information technology increases the level of expectancy from the employees and customers in the human resource department and thus helping in the growth of the business. Technological developments have brought a change in the human resource department both in efficiency and cost reduction due to computerization of duties in this department (Yadav, Kumar and Kumar, 2014).


Recruitment in Google cooperation is done through two major methods which are external and internal recruitment. The internal recruitment is carried within the company and whereby experienced employees are allocated new positions which arise in the company while external recruitment involves the employment of outsiders to fill a vacancy. The internal recruitment reduces the cost of training to the employee and helps to keep the culture of the company. Even though external recruitment is better in an acquisition of new employees due to new ideas and a pool of experienced labour it is expensive and takes time to realize the weaknesses of the employee. Proper recruitment by the human resource department arms the firm with a well experienced and potential workforce that can handle any allocated job. Google incorporates both internal and external recruitment so as to benefit from both sides regarding employees. The purpose of these two strategies helps the firm to realize new skills and promote talent from the external labour market (Malikaveetil, 2015).

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Selection of Employees

Human resource is equipped with many methods which they use in selection of the best employees who fit the company and the job described. These methods include situational judgment test, general mental ability, and structured interviews. Google as a company may employ these strategies in order to acquire the skilled employees and in the process help to know the talents of each and every employee individually. These methods hold various weaknesses and strengths which define the outcome of the employee. The results acquired in these methods may not completely provide equal results while on the other hand, they may become a source to incorporating new ideas into the company.

Induction and on boarding

The process of induction ensures an employee understands the terms and services of the company. This important process could be carried out by the employer or any other employ that is well conversant with the firm. This process to Google may take a physical or online process based on the location and availability of the human resource. Apart from the terms of the job the induction process also carries the legal requirements of the company (Bratton and Gold, 2012).

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On-boarding is usually carried out by the human resource department or a well-allocated employee and whereby the newly employed person is acquitted with the skills and behaviour, knowledge and the attitudes required in the enterprise. These two important processes determine the success of the employ and lay a strong background to a healthy relationship between the employees.


Human resource department holds the most vital role of providing a smooth flow of activities in the company and good relationship between employees and the firm. Google as a dynamic firm in technology may realize a great success through employing all the above tools needed in running an organization.

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