Human security in Burma


An introductory paragraph that provides a bit of background regarding your topic and the research question or hypothesis with the variables

Burma has a human security issue given the disruption of the food production, the burning of the residences of the people, and the shoot-on-sight orders. The issues amount to a serious human security. The condition has compelled many people to vacate their homes, and the Burma army’s aggression has exacerbated the human security issue in the Southeastern Asia state. In fact, the people living along the border of Burma and Cambodia are the highest hit by the human security issue. The Burmese government has failed to protect its citizens and their rights because it allows the army to shoot its citizens. The government has made the sovereignty of people their responsibility.

The second paragraph should be a detailed discussion about the background of the issue and how your hypothesis fits together

The human security issue in Burma is caused by internal conflicts, which are compound state impunity. The state persecutes its citizenry besides denying them basic needs and rights. The state has the majority living below the poverty line while a few people control the economy. The internal conflicts are fueled by such inequality and disruptions in food production. The people are living in fear having been embroiled in the same internal conflict for more than six decades. Additionally, corruption and hatred are the only ways of side-lining the majority of the population for selfish gains. The lack of human rights activism in Burma has allowed the malpractice to continue. The grim situation is causing many Burmese citizens to flee to safety from their cradle homes, hence a forceful immigration. The people have agitated for peace and security but to no avail. The control of the national resource and the government by the privileged few has caused a big inequality in Burma. The inequality has caused lack of trust between the rich and poor, hence causing unrest and strife in the country. Deep-seated economic and social issues are the cause of the internal conflicts in Burma. The aspect of environmental abuse is one of the major issues causing the internal strife among the Burmese. The ignorance of democracy is also causing insecurity because there is anarchy, which denies people an opportunity to run their lives. The resolving of poverty, socio-economic, and environmental issues affecting the country is possible through the adoption of the Vietnamese model of reformation, the introduction of the rule of law, embracing democracy, and protection of the human rights.

The third paragraph should be your literature review of your references you selected and annotated for step #2

Teh (2012) asserts that there is a need for ensuring human security to guarantee South East Asia future. The level of human security crisis is high in Burma, Myanmar, and Cambodia. There is an urgent need to address the issue before it escalates into a massacre. Othman (2012) asserts that the human security challenge in Myanmar is caused by drug trafficking menace. Illicit drug trafficking is compromising the efforts to restore sanity and rule of order in States with human security issues. Salomon, Heschl, Oberleitner, and Benedek (2017) underscore the fact that the blurred boundaries are partly the causes of the human security issues, especially along the Cambodia-Burma boundary.

The fourth paragraph should begin your analysis or explanation of your variables’ relationship to your research question (the effect or phenomenon that you are observing)

The socioeconomic dilemmas and environmental abuse variables are the main causes of the human security challenge in Burma. The inequality issue emanates from the social strife. The reign of impunity is aimed at the dominion of the majority while the elite few prevail to the detriment of the masses in Cambodia. The forced immigration is a culmination of the terrorizing of high poverty and army brutality.

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