Human trafficking in North Carolina


This research paper looks for investigating into the situation of human trafficking in North Carolina state of the USA during the last few years (Young 2017); which appears to be eclipsing the benefits and advantages associated with the fast pace of technological progress in the state and country (Joyce 122). The study is also determined to suggest the solutions and measures, taking of which may decrease and prevent the committing of this crime from the state. According to National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH), although the federal and state law enforcing agencies of the USA appear to be boosting of defeating and overcoming this curse from the US society; nevertheless, the statistics falsify and refuse such claims by revealing a constant rise in human trafficking (2017). Thus, despite the inaccurate claims made by the North Carolina police that only few incidents of human trafficking have taken place in the state, the statistics present 62% rise in human trafficking during the last one year only (Jensen 2017). It explicitly endorses that the law enforcing agencies look demonstrating lack of their interest and determination in protection of the lives and honors of the people of North Carolina (Young 2017).

Despite the fact that modern era has introduced marvelous technological advancements in all areas; these developments particularly in the fields of navigation, ammunition and communication have also benefited the criminals in the committing of offences and crimes against humanity (Joyce 128). It is also the case with human trafficking, which has witnessed a frightening increase in North Carolina, besides other parts of the globe (Cone 2017). Even the developed nations also look to be becoming the prey to this crime, which has urged them to devise and enforce a powerful strategy for combating with this condemnable curse to provide the masses with a peaceful and secure environment (Cone 2017).

The USA is regarded to be the custodian of peace and stability in the international arena, and its leaderships have always claimed to be the protectors of the interests of the country and its citizens (Zaidi 29-30). The US forces invaded Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries of the world with the aim of persecuting the extremists, terrorists and violators of the statutes of international law, which not only cost billions of dollars to the US economy, but also resulted in heavy losses in men and material subsequently (Zaidi 56). However, the facts and figures depicting the occurrence of the incidents of human trafficking demonstrate that the US political administrations and law enforcing agencies look unconcerned in assuring the protection of the US subjects, who find themselves to be insecure and unsafe from the hands of the human traffickers (Hurst 2017). The police’s big boosting of destroying the network of traffickers have been nullified by the lawyers, farmers and public (Young 2017). Not only this that they personally witness the incidents of abduction and disappearance of the children, adolescents, women and even adult men from their respective residential colonies, and ways to workplaces, markets and public areas of different cities of North Carolina state (Barrick et al. 206); but also the farmers, agriculturalists and other professionals are getting victimized by the traffickers in various parts of the state (Young 2017).

Since the state has been reported to be among the top ten worst victims of human trafficking, the lawmakers of North Carolina have passed Safe Harbor Law in 2013 for the prevention of human trafficking, which has suggested increased punishments for the human traffickers and traders for committing this crime (Young 2017). Somehow, passing of bills and their becoming acts and laws have not yielded any significant improvements in the prevention of this crime as yet (Sandidge 2017). It raises suspicions in the minds of the citizens, and invites certain questions regarding the efficiency, performance and concerns of the law enforcing agencies responsible for the eradication of crimes within the state. The lawyers, agriculturalists and common people maintain that if the political administration and authorities are unable to even assess and realize the severity of the crime witnessing a constant upsurge in the state, how they can be in position of crushing and controlling it till its complete elimination from the jurisdiction of the state (Cone 2017).

The figures ascertain that the females have been found as an easier prey to the nefarious designs of the human traffickers in the state. According to a reliable source, 7,572 cases of human trafficking were reported in 2016 in North Carolina, including 978 males and 6,340 females. Furthermore, the number of adult victims is reported to be 4,890, while 2,387 children were trafficked during the last year in the state (Cone 2017). The studies suggest that a large number of cases remain unreported due to the negligence of the people as well as lack of concern and efficiency displayed by the police. Moreover, deteriorating domestic bounds, in wake of legalization of extra-marital cohabitation and disappearance and victimization of illegitimate children serve as serious obstacles on the way to lodging complaints regarding the abduction and kidnapping of the family members (Allison 274). Such a startling situation tends to frighten the families residing in North Carolina, and thus invites their anger and dissatisfaction towards the measures taken and performances shown by the authorities of the state (Sandidge 2017). Since the cases of rapes, assaults and robbery have already been found to be growing steadily, inclusion of the frequent trafficking of humans has added to the misery of the people to a large extent.

Another important factor behind human trafficking includes the false promise of employment in the USA made by the traffickers to be provided with to the individuals, just to lure and transfer them to the places of the traffickers’ choice. It is particularly the case with women, who are kept or sold to the brothel houses after their arrival from the foreign countries in one US state or the other (Sandidge 2017). These women are also forced to work as prostitutes in the so-called massage and therapy centers rendering services in various areas of the country (Sandidge 2017). Hence, the women get victimized by the traffickers in the name of job and employment.

Although the political authorities and lawmakers look pacifying the masses by articulating laws and schemes to combat with human trafficking; nonetheless, the people look for concrete measures to be taken against the traffickers instead of just devising of policies and passing the bills, which have failed to decrease the grievances of the victims and their families (NHTH 2017). As a result, instead of false claims made by the police, the detection and destruction of the human trafficking networks, release of the victims, and arrest and sentencing of the traffickers are the steps that can pacify and satisfy the people of North Carolina.

Though several pains and agonies appear to be associating with human trafficking; however, sexual torture and exploitation of the victims serve as the most condemnable one. Sexual exploitation not only disgraces and dishonors the victims, but also cause physical, mental, emotional and psychological anguishes on them, and lead to the ruination of their personality and life eventually (US State Dept. 11). Consequently, the victims of human trafficking remain unable to lead a normal life even after getting released from the control and imprisonment of the traffickers.

To conclude, it becomes evident that the administration must realize its responsibilities towards the masses. The people elect their representatives through their votes and hence empower them to assure their progress, prosperity, protection and security. In case, the local and state administrations of North Carolina does not provide the citizens with protection from the criminal assaults, rapes and abductions, there will prevail unrest and disturbance leading to political and social chaos and disorder in its wake. The state should launch a powerful awareness campaign, which may alert and alarm the citizens regarding the tactics and plans made and employed by the traffickers to lure and entrap the people. The masses should also take necessary measures for protecting themselves and children from getting victimized by the criminals. The parents and teachers should also keep an eye on the movements and activities of the children and students, and must check and monitor the persons in their acquaintance, so that they can be escaped from entrapment at the hands of traffickers. The society should also promote moral values, so that unbridled and unabated extramarital sexual intimacies can be controlled. It is immorality that paves the way towards sexual exploitations of others. Consequently, society must also step forward to play its role for the elimination of human trafficking from the state and country.

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