Importance of Labeling Equipment

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Proper labeling of equipment reduces injuries at the hospital. Labeling sends clear messages to anyone who accesses the room that has the equipment. Labeling explains how one should handle certain equipment in a manner that prevents one from getting injured. Labels also enable a first timer to identify equipment. Medical equipments are not very common and may be confusing for someone having access to them for the very first time. Hence labels help in identifying equipment. Also considering that some medical equipment are radioactive, labels help to give warnings and information on whether equipment are radioactive or not (McGrath 2011). Labeling also enables one to identify equipment that is not working. Machines that are not working are labeled out of order. Thus, it becomes easy to differentiate equipment that is working and those that are not working. Using equipment for the wrong use reduces their durability. Labeling ensures that the equipment is used for the right purpose and hence increases its durability. When equipment is labeled, it is easy to trace it in a store that is crowded with other equipment. Therefore one will not take long searching for the equipment. Also, when equipment is labeled, it becomes easy for the storekeeper to arrange the store and keep records of everything in the store. With a label on the equipment, the storekeeper is able to return each equipment to where it came from. Labeling is very important and all equipment should be labeled for safety purposes and also for the sake of recording keeping. Also labeling saves time as it becomes easy to trace equipment that has a label during maintenance and during use.

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