Marketing strategy: Amazon Prime Video


Amazon, the American giant e-commerce company launched a new product, The Amazon Prime Video to enhance its delivery of movies to its consumers across the world. The Amazon Prime Video offers on-demand online video streaming services (Amazon, 2018). This service effectively utilize the 7Ps of service marketing reach and enhance the experience of consumers.

First, Amazon utilizes competitive pricing to attract new and retain the current customers through affordable subscription fees of $99 on an annual basis (Masterson and Pickton, 2010). Besides, the company has recently launched standalone service of video subscription at $4.99-14.99 on a monthly basis (Amazon, 2018).

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Second, Amazon Prime Video’s success is based on its ability to fulfill form utility among its consumers. The service is offered online and users can stream video on demand upon subscription. This has eliminated the cost associated with traveling to make a purchase, and hence, it ensures consumer convenience.

Third, besides the strong brand image of Amazon, the company has built a strong product brand for Amazon Prime Video to promote it (You Tube, 2016). This has given the product a competitive edge in the market ahead of its major competitors such as Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon Prime Video utilizes a process that is well-designed according to the taste and preference of the consumers to ensure that the quality of service delivered to all consumers is consistently high-quality (Masterson and Pickton, 2010). The process also ensures that the service delivery to all consumers is of the same level.

Finally, the people (employees) at Amazon Company who are responsible for service delivery at Amazon Prime Video possess effective customer service skills. They are also knowledgeable and skilled in online streaming service delivery, and this has enabled Amazon Prime Video to offer high-quality services to the satisfaction of consumers.

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