Mini Cooper SWOT Analysis

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The original MINI was born in the United Kingdom in 1959. It was owned by the British Motor Corporation. Later in 1994, it became an independent brand of BMW Group by SIR Alec Issigonis. The car was then named Mini Cooper following a successful association with the Formula One legend John Cooper. BMW manufactured higher-performance versions of the car inspired by the original MINI, these models includes The Mini Hatch, Convertible, England, the Countryman, Clubman, and Paceman. Since then, The Mini Cooper has been a successful brand in the automobile market. The analysis below evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Mini Cooper.

Mini Cooper SWOT Analysis

Strengths: These are the areas in which the brand does best. The key areas that gives the company an edge over it competitors. Here are the strengths of Mini Cooper:

It is owned by BMW, which is a reputable company and one of the world`s most successful automakers. Over time, BMW has built a healthy reputation that has led to its success. Its products have managed to win the hearts of many as they are associated with quality and luxury. Its association with Mini Cooper has really been the brands` strength in the automobile market.

Its unique shape and vibrant colors This two features differentiated this car from the others. It was recognizable from a distance and its vibrant colors made it attractive as well.

Product advertising. The movie Italian Job had the Mini as one of its characters. This played a major role in marketing the brand at a global stage and just like that, the car gained a place in the automobile market.

It targeted a specific audience. The car provided an economic option for those who wished to experience a luxury car but could not afford one. This made it popular among youngsters.

It Is Fuel Efficient Compared to other Luxurious Cars.

Weaknesses: These are the faults found within brand that have affected its growth. Here are some of the Mini Coopers` weaknesses.

Its British Styling. Over the years the Mini Cooper`s design has been viewed to be English and this has affected its market at a global stage. However, a new brand has been modeled to suit its global audience although this seem to be already late.

Poor performance issue. Mini Cooper became popular for having a unique shape and vibrant colors other than its performance. There have been many complains about its performance.

Mini Cooper has failed in reaching the global market compared to other brands. It is not easy to locate an authorized dealer.

It is hard to access after sale services and spares.

Its sales have declined compared to the time it debuted, which is as a result of poor marketing, or it has become outdated.

Opportunities: These are the means in which the brand can capitalize on to increase it returns. Here are some of the opportunities.

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Creation of new design. Coming up with a new design different from the current one can be a good idea especially in the modern automobile market. This can be an added advantage since the brand is already associated with luxury and quality.

The company needs to shift its focus to emerging economies such us Africa where they can easily penetrate and where people are in need of affordable luxurious cars.

Threats: These are the factors in the business environment that can negatively affect the growth of the business. Some of them include;

Strong competition. Mini Cooper is facing strong competition from companies such as Volkswagen Beetle, which is taking the industries by storm.

Emerging Technology. Technology is taking over the industry and automobile companies have to join the wave. Robot driven cars and alternate energy vehicles are now being developed.

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