Professional Standards 

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Professional standards provides a framework where both teachers and trainers can critically appraise their practice and improve teaching. Professional standards ensures the development of standards. It is a platform where teachers offer the stipulated practitioner needs.

Set of professional standards for career goals

A national reference point is a set of professional standard. It is here that others can use my firm as a reference point to support the development of their staff. By using this set, there is an increase in the performance metrics. The metrics enable evaluation of employee performance and efficiency levels (Luft, 2015). The reason is that metrics allow for the measurement of customer satisfaction. Good career goals are can increase the performance metrics.

Strengths as an innovative leader and comparison

Being visionary is one of my strengths. Like any other successful leader in the world, visionary leaders share their visions with support staff because it creates an environment for working together in pursuit of the vision.  My vision can be used to create an innovative culture within the society.  Small steps are required to accomplish a great vision (Lester, 2014). Innovative leaders help people and programs to grow by encouraging small continuous steps. Continuous steps people to build confidence and be competent when handling issues within their work stations.

I also possess the strength of networking. Networking is a skill that all successful leaders possess because it enables them to socialize and interact with other leaders to create better working environment and gather knowledge which can help the company. Networks are imperative to innovation and growth. Networking ensures that a person is not limited to his own thinking and perspective (Clarke, 2013). More often, great leaders connect with others and learn from their successes and failures. It is through networking that successful leaders have chosen what works for them, contributing to innovation.

How to use the strengths throughout the program

Using my visionary strength I will improve the quality of training and education institute. This improvement will be facilitated by new models that have worked in other countries and institutions. My broad network will serve as a positive factor that will steer the improvement. Each of my strength will contribute largely towards the growth of the education sector and the program.

Question on how the EdD program will help meet my professional goal

  • Will the program be able to provide adequate time for me to achieve my goal?
  • What are the program’s objectives?

Professionalism is important in any profession because it creates a background for people to work without breaking rules. Professional standards are certain set objectives that ensure a profession is helpful to the client and the employee.

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