International Relationship

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International law clearly provides that countries should form meaningful relationship in order to attain best rewards. This can be attained through the formation of bilateral relationship that is helpful in binding countries together.  It is important y to note that the current world requires that countries should unite for a greater purpose.  In order to achieve this goals, countries are supposed to come together to ensure that this reality happens.  It is therefore very helpful to explore the instrument that binds countries together (Plummer et al. 454).  It is clearly formulated by the framework and policies that govern various countries. It is also important to note that international law clearly states that countries are free to form partnership and cooperation for the betterment of the economy.

Importance of international law 

International law is very significant in many aspects. It brings countries together through the principle and guidelines that it clearly provides. When countries come together, they build each other through bilateral relationship. This is very important because it brings about cooperation and co existence amongst states. Among these benefits that countries can derive from international relationship include.

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Economic sustainability

Countries that form bilateral or multilateral relationship are very well off. This is because they engage in trade that is very helpful in generating revenue for the country. Trade boosts the economy of many countries.  It earns so many countries foreign exchange. For instance, many countries have formed trade blocs that have greatly helped in ensuring that countries are able to trade amongst each other. Trade amongst states builds the economy of the country. This has been achieved through the formation of ECOWAS, COMESA among others (Plummer et al. 454). Any member of this organization can be able to trade with each other. In addition, trade is not cumbersome because the law provides that any member state is free to move from one area to another without any restriction.

Social cohesion amongst countries

Through trade and cooperation, unity amongst states is encouraged. This unity promotes social cohesion and integration amongst various countries. Through continuous interaction, member countries formulate policies that greatly help in bringing people together. Policies that guide these countries include removal of trade restriction. Without trade restriction countries are free to trade with each other at minimal cost. Therefore it becomes extremely cheap to move goods between nations which promotes social unity and integration amongst states. Furthermore, social integration brings peace to the country which is a prerequisite for economic prosperity.

Cultural exchange

Culture is very essential in various nations. When people from various countries interact with each other, they learn from each other. Interaction brings about cultural exchange whereby people from various cultural setting mingle, learn and borrow some culture between one another. Perhaps it is also important to note that culture is very significant aspect amongst various nations. It identifies members of one country from the other. The rich value and culture that is borrowed between countries greatly helps in constructing various countries. Culture acts as a form of identification that identifies individuals of one state from the other.

The theory of liberalism

The theory of liberalism clearly provides that individual should be free to participate and interact amongst various nations. Any country should make a prime purpose to ensure that a policy is entrenched in the nation’s agenda (Mavroidis et al. 209). This will help in ensuring that the policy of idealism is viewed by every person in the effort to tackle poverty. Most importantly, it also advocates for democratic peace. This helps in creating liberal democracies in most nations this means that countries can be able to live in peace with fewer conflict that surrounds many people. It also promotes economic interdependence that usually reduces the likelihood of conflict (Lewer et al. 13). Liberal thinking also makes it possible for nations to successfully cooperate in the international system. Noteworthy, international relationship also helps in ensuring that individuals who cooperate can be able to connect well with society. This is as a result of good governance that is able to maintain global security and stability.

Political understanding is one of the key things that is very essential in ensuring peace of any given country. Social forces that are well constructed by political order can be very helpful in ensuring that this dream is realized. Interdependence is very essential for this matter. The role of the military in negated duty can be one of the foreign policy that can aid the country. The instruments of interdependence are very pivotal in ensuring that international policy is realized on a large scale. This is usually manifested by multinational cooperation, interstate cooperation and various channels that are usually assumed by the realist (Mavroidis et al. 209). 

In conclusion, the relationship among various states needs to be upheld. It is because of the numerous benefits that it has. It has the potential to promote peace and prosperity amongst nations. In addition, it also promotes social cohesion and integration amongst various countries. Through continuous interaction, member countries formulate policies that greatly help in bringing people together.

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