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Marijuana is a psychoactive plant with leaves that has intoxicating effects when used by humans. The drug is usually abused for recreation despite being illegal in most countries. The prohibition of the use of marijuana started in Massachusetts in 1911 then the Great Britain followed in 1928. Several other countries then enacted a law prohibiting the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The legalization of the use of marijuana by the adults for recreation has been controversial since a good percentage of the Americans support it. The percentage of those in support has since grown increasing the future likelihood of legalizing the use of marijuana. In my opinion, the use of marijuana for recreations should be prohibited because of the adverse health issues that come with its use. Lung cancer is the main health issue that arises from the uses of marijuana since the primary method of administration is smoking. The smoking of marijuana is also associated with other health issues related to smoking.

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Since Marijuana is a psychotropic drug, studies show that its use usually causes brain damage, cognitive impairment, memory loss, and reduced productivity. One of the studies that was conducted using rhesus monkeys resulted in brain damage as result of exposure to high concentrations of marijuana smoke. The use of marijuana also stimulates the growth of brain cells, reduction in anxiety and depression leading to neurogenesis (Gottfried, 2005).

Studies also show that the use of marijuana particularly by youths under the age of 21 increases their chances of developing schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder involving the breakdown in the relationship between emotion, behavior and thought leading to faulty perception and improper actions and feelings. Majority of those in favor of the prohibition of the use of marijuana have also argued that marijuana users are usually, lazy, passive and unmotivated.


Prostitution is the act of rendering sexual favors for payment. In most countries, prostitution is illegal and indulging in such an activity attracts penalties from as low as fine to being sentenced to death. However, acts of prostitution are legalized in some of the states out the United States. The legalization of prostitution is based on four key aspects, freedom of the individual, ethics, and morality, victimhood, and its implication to the society. In my opinion, prostitution activities should be abolished and heavy penalties set for those individuals indulging in any form of prostitution (Flowers, 2011).

One of the reasons why prostitution should not be legalized is the false perception that the authorities will be able to regulate the spread of sexually transmitted infections through imposing of the regular health checks and registration of prostitutes. The perception is false since it has failed to work in countries which have legalized prostitution such as Brazil. Morally, the act of prostitution is wrong and should, therefore, not be allowed in our societies. The prostitutes will be victimized and downgraded by men who will, in turn, abuse them.

With the introduction of education, prostitution should not be considered as a career option for women. Perceiving prostitution as a career path will lead to the victimization of the women who are locked in poverty and left with no option to earn a living. Research also shows that 85% of the prostitutes usually reports cases of rape (Luddy, 2007). Possibility of being raped render prostitution an illegitimate career since no one should do his or her job with the fear of being raped in mind (De, 2010).

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