LGBT Identification and Mental Issues 

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Population and Sample

The population of this study will consist of individuals who play the role of identifying lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender individuals. The population is the most suitable for establishing the relationship between their job and higher risks of mental health issues. The sample will include medical psychologists, health workers responsible for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people’s health, and community health workers responsible for health of special groups in the populace. However, not all those who fall under the categories above will be used as respondents; only those who have been actively identifying LGBT persons. The sample will be made up of: 50 medical psychologists, 50 health workers responsible for LGBTs’ health issues, and 50 community health workers with responsibility of special group’s health in the community. The total sample will consist of 150 respondents.

The study will employ non probability sampling method to select samples from the general population. This strategy of sampling works by deriving its control from the judgment of the investigator. The cases will be sampled on bases of availability and judgment of the interviewer. Since the universe is not clearly defined, convenience sampling will be the most suitable non probability sampling method that will be applied in the study. Under this sampling technique, samples will be selected according to their convenience. The researcher will select certain units that are convenient to him or her. It ensures convenience in relation to the availability of list of sources as well as accessibility of the units. In addition, judgment sampling as a method of non probability sampling will also be applied where selection will be done depending on availability of information. The advantages of non probability sampling is that it is cost effective, convenient to the researcher, and allowing a researcher to include positive factors of stratification in the sample (Polit & Beck, 2004). 

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Research Design

The study will use an observational study design. In this design, the researcher will analytically make observations, collects data, and does not change anything that will affect behavior of subjects. A specific type of observational studies that will be utilized in the study will be cohort studies. Cohort studies are like surveys but will be extended over time (Spector, 2006). The design will allow the researcher to take note of changes in relation to mental health issues and establish time progression in which the changes take place. The study design is the best to study factors that might have led to a certain observation. Cohort studies will be the most suitable in such a study where the relationship between role of identifying LGBT people is related to mental health issues among specific groups of people for example medical psychologists, and health workers dealing with health for special groups like LGBTs (Jones, 2002). The design is also the best suit for the study because specific behaviors will be observed amongst the groups under study.   


There are specific things that will be used to observe the relationship between identifying LGBTs and mental health issues. The variables that could affect the observations include: age of participant, gender, race, past history of behaviors associated with LGBTs, and occupation. The specific things that will be measured include: 

  1. How the subjects relate with other people after some times
  2. Relationships with people that have been identified as gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender
  3. Eating and sleeping habits
  4. How they speak to other individuals for example their colleagues at place of work

The above measures align with the study design because all of them are behaviors that can be observed and take note of specific changes related to mental issues. If behaviors associate with mental issues will be observed frequently, it will suggest a relationship between LGBT identification and mental issues. 

The measurement scale will be nominal because it will only be used to label the variables that do not have any quantitative value. They will only be used for labeling (Lawrence Hall of Science, 2003). 

Reliability and Validity 

  1. The sample number in this study is good enough to give valid and reliable information. The sample consists of individuals who are in constant contact with LGBTs. In addition, the items that have been identified to be used as measures to show behavior changes are easy to observe. A key measure will be to observe behavior changes in relation to certain things or behaviors associated with mental issues. All items used in the study are capable of measuring behavior changes in the individuals under study. The research will also allow enough time to make all necessary observations in behaviors of the individuals. Enough time to make continuous observations will be necessary to rule out certain behaviors that could be normal to the subject.
  2. One of the internal threats to the validity of the study is mistaking individual’s usual behaviors with certain behaviors connected to mental issues. Some behaviors listed among things to be observed could be normal to some individuals and identification of such behaviors as a mental health issue as a result of identifying LGBT individuals can lead to misleading conclusions. The researcher might also fail to observe certain aspects that could be used to show effects of LGBT identification to the person’s mental wellness. Individual’s mental issues as a result of other factors like work and family related stress can lead to misleading observations. 


The study will help to clarify whether LGBT identifying individuals are at high risks of mental health issues. Key beneficiaries of the outcomes of the study will be health workers and psychologists that work closely with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender persons. If an association between identification of LGBT and mental issues is confirmed, the study will help to find the most appropriate interventions for the populations at risk. 

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