Mission, Vision and Values Statement

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A values statement is a declaration that informs the staff and customers of a business about the company’s top priorities and core beliefs. A values statement is majorly used to reach the target customers, and also to remind the staff about their ethics, and the priorities and goals of the company.

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I shall consider the Cedar-Sinai healthcare organization in discussing their values statement and how best they can be used to ensure professionalism and ethical decision making. The values statement of Cedar-Sinai healthcare organization is ‘in the pursuit of this Vision, the actions of leadership, staff and other physicians will be guided by the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Innovation
  • Stewardship
  • Diversity(“Mission, Vision and Values – Cedars-Sinai,” n.d.)

With this values statement for the chosen healthcare organization, the staff and management should collaborate to ensure professionalism and ethical decision making. As one of the values, integrity can be used by the healthcare leaders and managers by making sure that they have strong moral standards and they can also try to instill this in the other staff members. With this in mind, the leaders and managers will always be in a position to make ethical decisions in order to uphold their integrity(Walston, 2013). The healthcare leaders and managers can use the excellence value to uphold professionalism, by being the best in everything they do.

Teamwork and collaboration can also be used by healthcare leaders and managers to upholdprofessionalism and ethical decision making. This is because the staff members would be encouraged and would be answerable for their decisions, and for the team. With respect, the staff members of the healthcare organization would respect their clients, and it would therefore encourage them to uphold professionalism(Walston, 2013).  The healthcare leaders and managers with compassion would encourage the staff members to do their best, and be professional in their work. Compassion can also lead them to making ethical decisions.

Innovative healthcare organization leaders and managers will always find a way to please their customers by devising new methods to solve problems. This will lead to customer satisfaction. With this in mind, the leaders can help instill professionalism and make ethical decisions. Stewardship promotes professionalism. This is because as the company’s stewards, the organization staff will always take care of the organization’s property, and they will also serve their customers with utmost care, this would result in ethical decision making. Diversity can be thought of in terms of gender, age, and in ideas. Healthcare leaders and managers should be diverse in order to get the best for their patients(Walston, 2013). This would mean that the patients would be comfortable with their care givers and this would result to professionalism. 

Considering the Cedar-Sinai values statement healthcare organization leaders and managers would be at a better position to ensure that there is professionalism and ethical decision making by ensuring that every staff member adheres to the values statement of the organization. For it to work well, a values statement should be well planned and executed. Everyone in the organization should be disciplined enough to follow it, in order to get the projected results.

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