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The paper below will look at the survey and experiments about money in politics. What is the expenditure of the politician when they are looking to be elected to the different seats in the United States? The survey and the experiment will be done on the candidates and the voters. The candidates who have been interviewed will include the incumbent candidates and the ones vying it for the first time. The effects of the finances to the voters’.Can a number of finances change the way voters will vote? How is the spending between the seating candidate and the one who is not on power? 

The Experiment Design

The experiment design will look at two different prepositions (Hall, 2011). The prepositions going to be used are if the new candidates do not spend more money than the incumbent candidates then they will not be elected to their desired seat. The second experiment design will be if the candidates vying for the first time spend more money on the campaign than the incumbent , has the higher chances of being elected. Therefore the experiment design will look at the two sides. The use of a lot of money by the new candidates and use of less money by the same candidates.How will it affects their dreams of being elected to their long desired seats?

Experimental Stimulus

The main thought behind the expected experiment that most of the sitting candidates always get back to the position when most of their competitors do not use a lot of money to the campaign. In the recent past, it has been observed that most of the candidates who are vying for the first time have been spending more money. Whether they are elected or not they usually spent a lot of money. The experiment was stimulated by the kind of money that is being spent by the people who are not incumbents. As a result, the experiment will try to look and explore that thought.

Experimental Conditions

The experimental conditions will be based on the same number of the incumbent candidates and the ones who have been elected for the first time. The same number of voters would be selected to give their views on the effect of money on the voting pattern of voting among the people.

Experimental Subjects

The subjects will be the candidates. The candidates who are still in the seats together with the ones who are vying for the seat on the first time will be experimented. The subjects are the influential people who have money. The ones who have to spend a lot of money during their campaign such as President Bush

Strength of the Experiment

One strengths of the experiment was the choosing a certain number subjects whom the survey and experiment were done too. The number of the candidates who were on the seats was five. The number of the candidates who were vying for the first times were interviewed was also five. This was a strength that avoids a lot of biases. It reduced the complaints of leaning on one side only. Therefore the strength ensured that the chance of responding is the same. It makes sure that it is neutral. The neutrality helps the people to judge the document as real and does not favor any side. 

It is also strength because it gives the correct results. The readers of the document will understand well how they can vie for their desired candidates. The strength ensures that people can rely on the document on the way they will do their campaign. It gives the genuine representation of the experiment.As a result, the candidates would use the result in the ways they will campaign in order to get elected to their yearning seats.

Weakness of the Experiment

The greatest weakness of the experiment was selecting people who are very influential and have a lot of money despite having very many people asking to be elected among the Americans. The experiment was mainly focused on the top leaders. The presidential candidates were the only ones who were asked to respond to the questioned asked by the surveyors.That means that they only got information from the elites and the rich people in the society. They should have gone to the voters too so that the voters can explain the effects of using a lot of money during the campaign. They are the people who mainly know how a lot of funds might change their mind on which candidate they are going to vote for. As a result, the experiment would mean that it is only meant for the rich candidates and not for a common citizen. Some people would dispute it.  

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