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For many years, a majority of the training programs are grouped nearly fully on the whereabouts and aims of coaches, athletes, and bodybuilders. NASM’s special OPT technique is the sector’s initial and only ample training program grounded on a present scientific study that offers certain outcomes particular to a person’s needs and objectives (Clark & Corn, 2001). The OPT method of training does away with the guesswork during exercises despite the purpose of the exercise. Additionally, the model has three different levels of training: stabilization, strength, and power. The levels have either a single or more phases.

Within the OPT model, there is resistance training which is purposed to improve muscular endurance, strength, lean body mass and power. Despite the fact that the aims of the clients may be different, resistance training is an important part of a real exercise program. Stabilization is the first level and push-up on the ground, single-leg balance and plank are just a few exercises that can be done at this level. These exercises are grouped under stabilization since they are purposed to improve the ability to stabilize joints and maintaining best posture (Clark & Corn, 2001). 

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The strength level of training permits for more quantity, magnitude and force creation so that the client can be prepared to deal with their everyday activities. This level has resistance exercises that are more stable than the ones in stabilization phase, and they include bench press, squats, and push-ups. Power kinds of training are often not done in the fitness case but are have their important part. Since power is a combination of force and velocity, any addition of force or velocity will create a rise in power (Clark & Corn, 2001). Exercises in this phase include medicine ball pullover throw, medicine ball chest pass, and Olympic lifts. Finally, the Olympic lifts can be used in both strength and power levels.

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  1. CLARK, M., & CORN, R. (2001). NASM OPT: Optimum Performance Training for the Fitness Professional. Calabasas, CA: National Academy of Sports Medicine, 229-289.
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