New Persia and Europe Society

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Topics: Tradition, International Relations, Western Civilization

New Persia also was known as Iran includes the people living in Iraq, Persian Gulf, Pakistan, north India, central Asia and Caucasus forming the Islamic Republic of Iran and the inhabitants are called Iranians. Persia, conventional Europeans definition of the nation now known as Iran. This name was all in all utilization in the West until the late 1930s, despite the fact that the Iranians themselves had for a while called their nation Iran. For tradition’s purpose, the name of Persia is here kept for that piece of the nation’s history that’s concerned about the old Persian Empire until the Arab victory in the seventh century AD. Iran is a large high plateau located in the southwest of Asia with approximately 636,300 square miles with its capital being Teheran. The population of Iran has never been measured accurately since 1976 but the estimated range is from 61-65 million with 51male percentage and 49 female percent with the people under 30 years of age making up the most of the population (Bentley, pg 15).. It is a multicultural society due to migration speaking the easiest language compared to other ethnicities in the country; 50 percent of the population speaks Persian and the rest speak language borrowed from Indo-European and Turkic families they originated from Zagros foothills developing animal husbandry and agriculture forming the upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic populations (Sikander, 1988). On the other hand, Europe is located in at the north of the hemisphere with approximately 3,930,000 square miles and the population density of 741,447,158. It has fifty states which are sovereign; it also gave birth to western civilization which came about after the Roman Empire fall (Lewis and Wigen, p. 226). Europe was significant in handling the global affairs and although there are differences between new Persia and the society of Europe, they both play a significant role in the global economy and they should both be recognized to avoid conflicts and wars between nations.

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