New Trends in the Indian Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is common globally and it is one of the fast growing industries in India in the 21st century. Judging from the outstanding performance staged by the Indian fashion industry in the recent years, there is still potential in the industry which can propel it to make a mark in the international frontier (Noormohamed, & Kolakowski, 2008). India through the federal government organizes a lot of fashion shows every year in the metropolitan cities. Designers of all calibers represented in the fashion industry exhibit their designs in the annual event with an aim of making clients or to earn appreciation at such a popular stage. Equally, it is part of the Indian peoples’ culture to participate in such events to showcase the works of the women who are majorly involved in coming up with the different designs (Khaire, 2011). However, the information era has impacted the industry since male fashion designers have taken courses both in India and abroad in fashion hence changing the playground in the industry. The fashion design skills has gone up over the years though culture plays a crucial role in the industry (Noormohamed, & Kolakowski, 2008). The fast growth can partially be attributed to the fact that India is the epicenter of handicrafts and textiles which are key ingredients in fashion design (Saran, Roy, & Sethuraman, 2016). The industry has set trends and shows no signs of relenting any time soon thanks to innovation and technology embracement. 

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The trends

Besides, there being many competitive handicrafts industries in every other small town and city in India, the country ranks top globally in the exportation of textile garments and fabrics (Khaire, 2011). Moreover, the country is the second largest producer of silk in the world. Today, the fashion designers in India have turned to these small industries for inspiration since they adopt the use of simple but elegant trends that have proven timely in the global market. As a result, the designers have managed to venture in the world of film and TV soaps as their areas of major fashion designing showcasing (Saran, Roy, & Sethuraman, 2016). In the past years, the Western countries like the UK and the Spain used to lead in setting the fashion trends in the film and TV soaps industry but not anymore. India has come out strongly and it seems to be the next big thing to happen as far as fashion designs and trends are concerned in the film and TV soap industry (Noormohamed, & Kolakowski, 2008). The Indian fashion designers have been recognized and appreciated internationally for the elegance and the uniqueness of their work (Khaire, 2011). Actors and producers are streaming to India to get the very latest and finest of garments to use in their next film shoot. 

The industry has gained popularity for designer apparels, jewellery and accessories for TV soaps actors and movie stars (Noormohamed, & Kolakowski, 2008). The industry players have muscled their way into the global limelight with some top-notch Indian designers being called upon to design outfits for reality shows and other TV programs. For every successful project done, the designers are paid handsomely and they invest the earnings in gaining further knowledge as well marketing their services to main film production companies as well as mainstream TV channels worldwide (Khaire, 2011). Thanks to their good work, there are no disappointments this far. 

Courtesy of the commendable work, the Indian designers have had the opportunity to cater for fashion needs of almost all ages. In the recent past, they have been hugely involved in designing outfits for many occasions from parties to weddings, funerals and even conferences at the global stage (Khaire, 2011). However, the designers have not totally focused on the high profile clients like celebrities or other people of the elite class but they have also ensured continued coverage of the middle class segment. 

The future

Going by the rate at which the TV soaps and other films by top-notch actors is penetrating the market, we can only expect the fashion industry in India to grow. This is coupled by the quality of work the designers are doing as well as the keenness of the middle class earners on fashion trends (Khaire, 2011). The fashion industry has spread in masses in India. As a result, several textile mills, export houses, garment stores, boutiques and factories have been set up in India (Noormohamed, & Kolakowski, 2008). Multi-National companies have been lured by the promising nature of the market and as a result begun producing apparels and accessories in the Indian market. The prosperity wave of the industry is so huge such that even the young ones are aspiring to eagerly make a career in fashion designing. This is concurrent to the effort by the government to establish fashion designing institutes in several parts of India (Noormohamed, & Kolakowski, 2008).


Fashion designing has a future not only in India but all over the world. People and corporates are constantly yearning for newly designed fashions implying constant income generation for the state or individual who does fashion designing competently. It is on the basis of the above facts that India shall dominate the film and TV soaps fashion designing going forward.

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