Nursing Prepared Master’s Interview


This interview seeks to obtain knowledge about a field of interest to the interviewer. The individual selected holds a Masters in Leadership and Healthcare system. By obtaining information concerning the career development path selected by the interviewee, the interviewer will be able to understand the existing opportunities in career development and practice. The interview focuses on someone who has experience in the Master’s program and currently holds a leadership role in a care setting. The interview was arranged via telephone in which the interview explained the purpose of the interview. The interview was conducted within one hour.

Purpose of this Interview

The present evolution of the health care system has resulted in the need for nurses as leaders. With the growing demand for quality service, affordable care and changes in the demographics, there is a need for strong and capable nurses who can take on the leadership role. Various authors have emphasized the importance of effective leadership. This leadership is identified as playing a pivotal role in the change towards quality care due to the role of the nurse in health care. It is within this leadership context that the nurse can assume the responsibility for influencing and improving the practice environment (IOM, 2011). The interviewee holds an administrative position of Assistant Director in a leader health care facility. The Masters Degree in Leadership and Health Care System seeks to prepare registered nurses for leadership roles in today’s rapidly changing environment. Through this program, nurses are prepared for a leadership role, including managing change in the health care system.

Overview of Career

The interviewee obtained an associate degree in nursing in 1998 and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto. After completing their undergraduate degree, the interviewee started their career as a Medical Assistant in 1999. He worked from 2003 to 2007 at the Cleveland Clinic Florida where he served as a member of a surgical team. Through this role, the interviewee gained clinical experience in providing patient-centered care. In 2008 the interviewee obtained a Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Nursing Leadership and Health Care Systems at the Florida Atlantic University. His position as a certified orthopedic nurse changed when he obtained the clinical nurse specialist certification. According to the interviewee, through the knowledge they obtained during the course, they were able to carry out more extensive roles, such as performing CNS duties and becoming a nurse educator for students in the orthopedic unit. His work on the surgical services Prevention Taskforce has earned him several awards such as the James Stephen Memorial Award. The interviewee engages in research. He is a community health advocate and a member of the American Society of Pain Management Nursing.

The interviewee states that his success in the nursing field is fuelled by his passion for promoting the health and well-being of the society. He states that this passion, as well as his personal commitment to provide the best for his patients, is what have fuelled his commitment to continual study, research, and participation in various organizations. The interviewee has served as an Affiliate Associate Professor of Clinical operations during his tenure at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. He also has extensive experience in educating staff, working in the emergency management team and providing critical care services at Delray Medical Center.

Present Position

Presently, the interviewee has a leadership position as a chief medical officer in the Boca Raton Medical Hospital in Florida. He has more than ten years’ experience in healthcare leadership, management, and administration. Before his tenure at the Boca Raton Hospital, he had served as the Director of Operations at the Summa Health System in Ohio. After obtaining the MSN degree, the interview states that he experienced extensive opportunities not only in the medical field but also as an instructor in learning institutions. For instance, he teaches at the University Hospital for Cleveland’s BSN program.

Pearls of Wisdom

The key advice obtained from the interviewee is the need for commitment and desire. He states that for a person in the medical field, he/she must desire to bring about a change that will improve the well-being of the society, not only at the local level but also on an international scale. Nursing involves lifelong learning. For instance, the introduction of new technological gadgets in care resulted in a need for care practitioners to engage in training so as to improve their skills. Therefore, one must be committed to lifelong learning so as to extend their skills and abilities to serve the society better.


From the interview, I observed that the interviewee’s career development meets the AAN’s education essentials. The interviewee has engaged in lifelong learning to advance a culture of excellence. Before the Master’s program, the interviewee had a background in Sciences. After the completion of the program, he pursued a direct care practice role and later on the role of an educator. He has engaged in the promotion of high-quality patient care and the elimination of health disparities as a health advocate. From the interview, I learned that the Master’s program equips one to take on a leadership position, and with it comes numerous opportunities in the professional field.

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