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Many responsibilities characterize the job description of a District Manager. In most cases, the obligations arise when the premises under management is a start-up in a new location. For instance, the district manager is responsible for all the company operations regarding the set goals that have been laid out in the business plan of the enterprise. Therefore, some of the responsibilities of the district manager comprise of the activities regarding team management, resource allocation, training, and the staffing activities of the company. Furthermore, the district manager is also involved in the resolution of issues regarding the client and even the employees in line with the enterprise objectives (Baack, Reilly & Minnick, 2014). Moreover, the activities concerning the evaluation and the promotion of staff are overseen by the district manager. Also, they take part in the preparation or supervising the process of budget development. For instance, overseeing or taking part in the process helps in ensuring that the process confirms to the company objectivities and the required standards. Therefore, during the development of new Dunkin Shops at different locations, the district manager plays a significant role in the selection and staffing process (Saunders & Lewis, 2014). Also, the manager is also involved in the appraisals of the performance, training, job and organizational design.

Job Design

Job design describes the arrangement of the workplace aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of the employees and discouraging employee disconnection. It is achieved by promoting the reduction of the mechanical tasks that encourage employee dissatisfaction due to their repetitive nature (Baack, Reilly & Minnick, 2014). Job design requires the identification of the tasks to be performed and their locations. Another essential requirement concerns the identification of the personnel that will carry out the tasks and the criteria for selecting the right employees.

As a district manager, focusing on the job design will require the consideration of the specifications of the job, description of the tasks and job analysis. After the review of the factors mentioned above, I think the best-suited job design for the franchise regards the enrichment and the enlargement of the job and the rotational model. The implementation of the design model will not only interest prospective employees but also help them in broadening their knowledge thus increasing their productivity (Hansen & Klokholm, 2015). Furthermore, job analysis will allow for identification and building of positions in the chart of the organization. The analysis will also allow for staffing through hiring. Furthermore, the study will also prove essential in that the positional responsibilities regarding particular tasks are outlined in the process. Therefore, it will encourage job specifications. Through the rotational model, the employees will be able to acquire different skills which are fundamental in promoting productivity.

Organizational Design

It involves making decisions regarding the specialization of jobs and the development of rules dictating the behavior of the employees and the level of decisions made. The process will include different steps fundamental in ensuring increased productivity. For instance, it will involve the chartering of the design process comprising of discussing the current business results and the environmental demands of the new locations. The design process will also include the analysis of the resource allocations and the strategies concerning communication (Baack, Reilly & Minnick, 2014). The second step regarding the organizational design will involve the assessment of the current business environment to promote the understanding of the aspects regarding its strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, the process would also include the designing of the new organization by the identification of the support resources such as finances and staffing and their locations. The design will also include the organizational of the people in line with the core processes. Also, it encompasses streamlining of the processes regarding the core businesses which result in revenues for the company. The recommended system will also entail the implementation of the design which will involve the organizational of the employees into teams that would receive training under the new system thus developing team building skills. Also, it will include the adjustment of the reward and management systems which will help in adjusting the process regarding the performance of the employees.

Recruiting and Selection

The process of recruiting and selection of the company entails standardization across the board. As a district manager, I would focus on continuing the highly effective method reflecting the cultural values which are also essential for the provision of consistency and objectivity. The process entails the creation of a profile on the company’s website including the completion of the applications. Also, the process will encompass assessments capturing the unique attributes regarding the behavior and cognitive abilities matching given roles based on the performance profile of the tasks. Furthermore, the process will also including receiving invitations with links to video interviews (Baack, Reilly & Minnick, 2014). During the entire process, the candidates identified to be matching will be contacted for interviews with the team members that will be conducted face-to-face.

The objectives of the recruitment and the selection processes are to identify the best-suited candidates for the job opportunities thus ensuring that potential candidates avoid interviewing for the wrong match opportunities (Dess, Lumpkin & Eisner, 2014). Therefore, it ensures that the targets of performance regarding the daily activities comprising of the production quotas, paperwork, sales, and the reports of the daily operations meet the goals of the organizational process. For instance, the operational goals are essential in that they form the foundation for the performance appraisals concerning the supervisors and even the individual employees.

Performance Appraisals and the Training

Training is significant in ensuring the productivity of the employees in the company. Also, performance evaluations promote the assessment of the employee’s productivity regarding the organizational objectives. For instance, I would ensure the designation of a Restaurant Manager who would work in collaboration with the team of management to help in the identification of the training needs (Baack, Reilly & Minnick, 2014). Therefore, the determination of the needs will assist in the development of the training program aimed at improving the productivity of the employees. For instance, the process will entail individual analysis of the employees which is an essential step in training.

The performance appraisals prove fundamental for various purposes such as administrative decisions, employee development, feedback and research which encourage the improvement of performance. Through the use of the Restaurant Manager in the different destinations, I would ensure the development of an appraisal system that will promote the evaluation of the employees (Dess, Lumpkin & Eisner, 2014). For instance, the system will encompass the distribution of the self-evaluations to the employees before the assessment process. Furthermore, the system will also require the submission of written evaluations from the managers. It will be followed by the analysis of the appraisals to determine the equivalent remunerations and the rewards for the employees in the company. The performance evaluations are important in making decisions regarding the dismissal and the promotion in the workplace. Also, they determine the increment of the wages relating to the performance of the company.


The structure of the organization is essential to ensuring the success of the new franchises of Dunkin Donuts. For instance, job design helps in ensuring the satisfaction of the employees by promoting their connection with the right opportunities. The organizational design entails management strategies and communication strategies essential in improving sales in the new locations (Saunders & Lewis, 2014). Furthermore, the analysis of the recruitment and selections process helps in the staffing process which ensures the development of the human resources. Moreover, the training helps in improving the skills of the existing workforce and the performance appraisals guarantee the development of the reward systems equivalent to the productivity of the workforce.

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