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Employee 1 

Jimmy Brown as a supervisor whose background is in the military, understands the need to monitor their employees work while comparing their actual progress to their management plan while verifying that the organization goal is being achieved from their respective designs. The reason for high staff turnover in the night shift is something that he needs to be concerned about and institute plans to correct it. First he will have to understand his employees to determine their expectations, learning styles and motivators. Secondly he will be forced to determine if the employees’ performance is an attitude, skills and knowledge gap. Thirdly it would be important that the communication styles are changed to suit the different employees working under his supervision. 

It is important to note that he can also support the continuous individual and teams’ development of individuals hence ensuring a continuous performance improvement. It would be recommended for him to develop an effective timesheet for every employee to ensure continuity and avoid wasting time. His team needs to be given tasks with a set time to finish that are within night shift (Player & Sperino 2017). Further, he will need to take an incidental report on employees’ behavior and performance to categorically identify individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Jimmy will also need to constantly appraise the employees and provide clear performance expectations to ensure accountability. Those that fail to adhere to improve despite being given reasonable room to improve should be laid off; however, such a move would to the company being sued but since he will have given them reasonable time then that will be a good legal backing. It is certain that if the aforementioned strategies are well adhered to then the performance of the employees will improve coupled with a decrease in the staff turnover.

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Employee 2

Employee coaching will be an effective management tool for Michael Johnson. While still monitoring and evaluating all employees, he will need to identify every employee’s skills and train them on the skills they are lacking. This will mean training the new employees and ensure that they are at per with the teams and company’s objectives. He will have to balance the opportunities for all employees to grow and learn. Ensuring that all the employees, both new and old are compliant and are observing the applicable laws and policies will improve the overall team’s behavior and ensure easy management. Employee behavior challenge will be effective in mitigating possible liabilities brought about by negligence, disciplinary issues, and disorganization (Thomas, Rothschild, & Donegan 2015)

Michael Brown will also need to be clear on the organization’s goals for performance. He will then benchmark best practices by the employees while giving them frequent feedback and decouple output measurement from developmental performance-related discussions. This will ensure the effectiveness of his way of management while making sure that the employees to achieve the company’s goals and objectives, align individual behavior to the organizational values and improve performance. Constant appraisal of the employee’s work will also allow him to reward best performing employees and encourage poorly performing employees to work harder (Shields et al., 2015). However, it would be important to note that appraisals shouldn’t be sole reason for promoting a worker as the legal implication would be that some employees would feel discriminated this therefore would mean that Michael brown will have to consider a wide range of information before he decides to appraise them. Ultimately an adherence to these guidelines would improve the performance of Michael’s employees. 

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