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Definition of terms

Spirituality is a concept, which has many perspectives amongst them being the view that something that is transcendent which can explain the meaning of life. Postmodernism is based on the belief that history is the study of cultures whereby one culture has power over the other. Scientism focuses on the scientific explanation behind the occurrences of every event and it bases all its theories on observable and measurable facts. Pluralism is the co-existence of more than one system or perspective which is based on different views rather than standing for a single method or approach (Cobern, 2016)

Prime reality

Prime reality refers to the question of the existence of whether or not God exists which has been debated for years on end by scientists, philosophers, and religious groups amongst others. Prime reality is based on two main questions which are; is there a God and if there is what is He like (Leigh, 2016). The belief that God exists is solely based on faith since He is perceived to be a spiritual being, which calls for one to have faith in Hid existence in order to experience Him spiritually. The application of logic and tangible evidence can therefore not be applied in this scenario since He is not someone who can be seen with the naked eye but He can be physically experienced through nature and other objects of creation. Personally, I hold firm to that belief that God exists and the belief is based on educated faith that is not as many would describe as blind faith that is not based on knowledge. If God did not exist then we would be living in a deterministic world where choice would not also exist since actions, reactions would be solely governed by biological experiences, and thus the freedom to choose would not be there. The fact that there is an action-reaction relationship that is governed by our freedom to choose shows there must be someone who is coordinating all activities who is supreme, transcendent, omnipotent and omnipresent (Leigh, 2016).

Nature of the world

The world around us according to my perspective was created by God in a perfect way but then became flawed by sin, which brought chaos and disorder (WAAIJMAN, 2007). However, in as much as the divine order was disrupted by sin, there are principles and laws that it is set upon which govern the way it operates. Laws such as gravity, which dictate the positioning of items, the law of attraction and resistance, which define which things are received and which are, not are amongst the laws that govern the world with or without our knowledge and which cannot be overruled by any force of man.

Human beings

A human being is a creation of God made in His own image and likeness with the power to make choices based on his will and intelligence. He is the most superior of all creations and has the capacity to dominate all other life forms. He consists of their parts, the body that is the physical component, the soul, which is the intellect, and the spirit, which enables him to connect with God. A human being also has the ability to live beyond the current world and have an external experience after his life here on earth whereby his spirit and soul lives on while his body withers away six feet under. He has authority over all other beings and is like a small god with the power to do exceedingly above what other life forms can do.


After death, one’s soul and spirit leave the body and they live on for eternity. Based on an individual’s life here on earth, they either go to heaven where they spend all their days with their maker or go to hell where they dwell in eternal torment, pain, and grief for the multitude of their sins. As mentioned earlier sin entered into the world and destroyed the perfect nature that God had intended. The man became evil in his heart but God brought redemption for the sake of his creation, which is accessible to all who believe. However to those who don’t they can only face His wrath in eternal pain, which is a choice that is freely given to everyone here on earth, but once their life expires the only thing that is left is the consequence of one’s choices of good and bad.


The question of where knowledge comes from has existed from ancient times when Rene Descartes questioned his ability to know and postulated that he doubts he knows. Man cannot answer this question with accepting the existence of God. Knowledge is beyond, it must originate from a superior being, and we do not simply invent new ideas and principles but discover what is already in existence and how the world works. Therefore, it is understood that there must be an external source of knowledge that set everything in its place before our existence and this has to be God in whose likeness and form we are made hence our ability to know. If evolution’s answer the question of where we came from then why have not we evolved for so many years and why have not apes evolved into human beings? Evolution is defeated by its lack of consistency in its theory and assumptions, which cannot explain the genesis of all knowledge

Right and wrong

We know what is right and wrong based on our moral guide, which was set into place by God better known as the conscience. The inner voice directs our behavior and determines whether we will engage in a particular action or not. Based on the aspect of being, are in the likeness of God, and then out choices are directed by the conscience to do what is in line with God’s character, which is good all the time (WAAIJMAN, 2007). The conscience, however, can become seared, whereby one no longer actively listens to what the inner voice is saying and chooses their own immoral path completely silencing their conscience, which is why they will engage in abominable actions that are perverse and corrupt in nature and simply defined as bad.

Human history

Human history is not a linear stream if activities and events that are linked by effect and cause relationships as defined by many but it is a purposeful stream of events that builds up to a certain goal which is the ultimate redemption of man. Every event has a reason and a purpose, which is governed by a central theme orchestrated by God Himself who controls everything. There is nothing new under the sun; history does repeat itself, therefore, it can be defined as cyclical to an extent. The central theme is based on creation, the fall of humankind, and his redemption, which is God’s perfect plan for man (Leigh, 2016).

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