Self-assessment and a personal action plan


Self-assessment results

After carrying out the self-analysis using the provided list of competencies in the appendices, it appears that I have some strength in some areas. However, there are areas that require improvement. The results show that in the area of contracting I make roles clear from the beginning bur often fail to price the services before the consultation. Similarly, I make it clear about what i can do for an organization but little effort is made to know the people with whom I work.  Similar results were observed in the area of data utilization whereby some strength became evident as did the weaknesses.  The same could be said of the intervention implementation, client maintenance relations, group process management, and interpersonal skills.

Action plan

In light the outcomes above, it is essential to develop an action plan that will help in overcoming the weaknesses while cementing my strong areas. In the following plan, i list and expound on my skills, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours toward the main seven parameters. Also, the plan describes the barriers and challenges that might affect my role as a consultant after which a detailed plan to reinforce my strengths is presented.


On contraction, my attitude is that it is not exhaustive enough to empower a consultant. I am however, skilled in it since i always ensure clarity on the roles I am to undertake and my input to the organization.

Data utilization

For this parameter, I perceive it to be important to data utilization. My attitude is that it can help a consultant gain a lot of information about the client. I also think that its recommendation of breaking problems down is enriching to a consultant.  I am, however, yet to perfect the ability to interpret data quickly and effectively.

Intervention implementation

On this part, I am skilled in it for I present information sequentially and adjust the pace of presentations to ensure it fits the audience. I believe that the criterion used in the intervention implementation is critical in becoming an effective consultant. Behaviourally, i tend to undertake some activities precisely as listed in this parameter.

Interpersonal skills

In the area of interpersonal skills, it is my firm belief that a consultant cannot achieve meaningful success if they are lacking in this area. Having discovered it earlier, i have since cultivated some of its requirements including listening attentively to clients and working with others. Additionally, i listen keenly to comprehend the client’s perspective.

Group process management

There is an interesting trend on this parameter with regard to my skills, attitudes, and behaviours.  I am patient to let groups find own answers to issues, and not very tolerant to members who are overly critical. However, I listen to issues, I maintain relevance, and acknowledge the group concerns and strive to address them.  Often, I think the parameter is time-consuming, epically when it comes to being patient until a group finds a solution.

Maintenance of client relations

Out of the other parameters, the maintenance of client relations happens to be one of my major areas. I ensure my interests outweigh those of the clients. Further, i confront organizations to address the main issues. Then, I maintain close contact with the management. However, my shortcoming is in calling client constantly.

Barriers and challenges

Some of the barriers to my readiness for role of a consultant include the lack of mentorship and exposure. As it is the case in other fields, mentorship is important to ensure one becomes competent in their career. However, there are not many firms that are keen on embracing upcoming consultants. Some of the challenges include the financial implications that might occur when one is being trained. Additionally, the few consulting firms willing to offer mentorship programs are apprehensive of the qualifications of the interns (Scott, 2011; F. Fisher & P. Fisher, 2005). As a result, it becomes hard for students get consulting firms willing to help them gain the relevant experiences.

Plan to reinforce and maximize strengths and overcome weaknesses

One weakness that became apparent during the self-analysis is that I often fail to price the services before the consultation. I intend to overcome this weakness by always pricing the services before engaging in any consultation engagement. Additionally, I will ensure that I patiently listen to clients and strive to understand their perspective. In reinforcing my strengths, I will keep allow people to give a different perspective of a problem to help in understanding it better. Also, I will avoid calling clients to discuss minor issues; instead I will strive t solve them without being bothersome to the client.

Impact of plan on role of a consultant

The above plan will inevitably impact my role of a consultant positively in various ways. For instance, clients will have faith in me when they realize that I do not keep on calling to consult minor issues. Additionally, I will communicate and interact well with clients and employees for remaining patient with them. Lastly, the plan will help me to avoid misunderstanding on the issue of fees since I will price the services prior to consultation.

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