The Five Stages of Grief and Loss

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Topics: Depression, Emotions, Empathy, Human Nature

The universal nature of the stages of grief and mourning has seen people of different walk of life experience them. Each stage creates hope for the person involved with hope for recovery and returns to normalcy. People have different ways of grieving. Some display their emotions while others hide their grief internally showing no emotions.  The five stages of grief are anger, Denial, and Isolation, Depression, Acceptance and Bargaining (The Five Stages Of Grief). Grieving is a process that is involuntary and personal holding no limit on time or approach with different people exhibiting varying reactions. Asking questions such as how do you feel about the death of your loved one? Do you still have memories of the person who died? These are some of the questions that are imposed to know which stage of grief someone is experiencing (Axelrod).

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Grieving is a process that takes time and its normal. One should allow it to take its time to avoid its recurrence. Grieving becomes complicated if it’s extreme and stays with someone for a long period of time. When that occurs, it is advisable to see psychiatrist considering it could result in other adverse effects. In a bid to control the grief, the victim is required to eat well, maintain routines like watering plants, talk about loved ones, connecting with caregivers or joining a grief support group and focusing on those people that need them. These support caring elements which are part of the care giving aspect besides grief support groups are essential for care givers. The success of any of the care aspects results from the presence of hope in the victim.

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