Journey through the life of my child

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Topics: Adolescence, Childhood, Family History, Parenting

Letter #1 You Are Conceived

Dear Future Son,

I  hope you can hear me, don’t be shocked to hear me calling you my son, I confirmed that from the doctor yesterday.Am super excited to see you grow in my womb for nine weeks now, I know weeks will finally be nine months.  I never thought I would be in such situation before until I faced the reality when the doctor confirmed that I was preganat.i couldn’t believe these at first since I experienced infertility for the last two years but now am very happy to realize that realized that soon I will be a mother. We were always anxious for this day with your daddy, we tried having you for every month but you decide it wasn’t the right time for you. I  thought that I was barrel until when the doctor told me that my oviduct was only blocked and it can be unblocked (Misund, Bråten, 2016). I went on medication to open your wasn’t easy but was little sensitive .i used to go injections every night with your daddy. His love for me shaped everything to where it is now.

Although it is still tough as sometimes I can feel nausea and sometimes vomiting, I can not hesitate to have you. I have taken all the necessary procedures to ensure that you get what you deserve on this journey. I want you to know that we love you very much, you are wonderfully and beautifully made. You are a  wonderful blessing to us as we conceived you in love. we can’t wait to welcome you into the world.

Letter #2: Birth

Dear Son,

You are almost with us now and we are so excited to finally meet you, we have been waiting for you for the last couple of months. It was not easy to carry you for those nine months because I was not used to but Soon we shall be gazing at your handsome face and holding you at our loving arms’ can’t wait to receive you in the new world. Do not feel shy to join the world, I have prepared for you since I was a little girl. I have taken every step to ensure that I become the best parent. I have taken care of other children just to ensure I gain experience on how to handle you.   In now you’ll be healthy and strong since I have observed my nutrition from the day I conceived you. My friend says that you are the luckiest child to be born from a barren mother. Soon I will be going to the hospital for cesarean section although am scared since I have never experienced this before but must do it for my health and to ensure you come out safe and healthy (Misund, Bråten, 2016).Welcome to the new world and to your family members, your daddy can’t wait to see his all waited child, you are the most precious gift to us from God. I hope you will be inspired to grow and meet your purpose in this world.

Letter #3: Newborn, Infant and Toddler

Dear Blessing John,

I want to let you know how precious and wonderful you are to me and your dad. You are my first awaited child. It is because of you that being called a mother today, you have also taught me how to love and share when am breastfeeding you. I feel honored to have pieces of my heart outside my body. Am happy to see you graduate from level to another, am proud to see you smile with your toothless mouth, am happy and jealous to hear you alter the word daddy I hope you’ll alter mine soon. Although it was so tough and stress due to the healing cesarean section and not having enough milk to breastfeed, I have tried all the best to welcome you in the new world(Diener, Wright, 2016). Doctors and my mother helped me and now the scar has finally healed and I am using an alternative formula of adjusting your sleeping cycle to ensure the milk is enough.  I can’t resist seeing you crawling and eating everything you find on your way, breaking glasses and destroying everything in the house I know it is a step forward. You, daddy, was once angered by you for destroying all the money in the safe but her mother told him he was even worse than you. Sometimes I get tired of cleaning your dirty clothes always but your day bought a washing machine so that u can be clean always.

You are my moon amongst thousand stars, don’t ever forget that my son.

Letter #4: Pre-School Years

Dear Blessing John,

You have now grown to be a smart and bright young boy, the past years you have grown from reading a few words too few chapters, adding and subtracting, dividing and multiplying is the new song in the house. You have now graduated from the kindergarten and I felt great to see you named the best child in your class. As your momma, I promise to teach you how to respect others, treat them with love, respect, and gentleness. I love the way you have become a servant leader whose life is marked by honesty, position, and power (Diener, Wright, 2016). I love the way you treat your classmates equally, no wonder your class teacher appointed you to me the class prefect. I am pleased to see you wake up early on the Sabbath, to go to Sunday school. Always follow God and obey his commands, he is your creator and ultimate authority.

I will help you understand both English and French to make help you communicate with the little friends from France. I will help you realize and work on your talent, in order for you to grow as an all-around child because when I look I don’t always see you handsome boy but I see a gentleman you will become one day.

As you grow older I will help you understand the purpose God has for you and teach you the meaning of life. I believe that discipline, love, and security that surround you will have a great impact on what you’ll become.

Letter #5: The Middle Childhood

Dear Blessing John,

I have watched you grow from a small boy to a big boy now, as I keep telling you to be yourself at everything you do. Don’t let other people and fellow students persuade you on what to do, what to wear or even who to be your friend and who not to be. At this particular age, people tend to pressure you to do wrong just to be like them, so better to be alone than to be with the wrong company.

To succeed in life, you must focus on your studies at this particular age. You are privileged to go to a private institution, take advantage of every opportunity you come across in order for you to pass.  Make friends who can help you improve get good grades. Keep off from hooligans who always keep fighting and stealing, remember what I keep telling you that bird of the same feather s flock together (Braschi, Abrignani,, 2017). Put God first in everything you do, take a point of reading your bible every day to learn what is right and wrong. Always observe your eating habits, take what is necessary and healthy to your body. Remember this holiday you will be circumcised for you to graduate to be a teen, hope you change both mentally and emotionally.

Am always with you, please take the right actions. I know it is hard not to make mistakes at this age and I will always shape since I want the best for you. I love you son.

Letter #6: Teenage

Dear Blessing John,

Now that you have become a young adult and heading to become your own administrator, it becomes hard for me to control the decision you make no matter how I wish I could. My happiness is that I have shaped you before and provided you with the tools to be a great citizen (Braschi, Abrignani,, 2017). Take time to reflect what I kept telling you to make every day a learning day, never hesitate to learn something new. Respect everybody in the society and key among them all, respect your body, it is the temple of the lord. Be humble and confident, they help you shape your destiny, you may break bones, lose friends or family but remember what your daddy keep telling you “it is not what comes on your way but how you respond to it. Take care of social media, it can ruin you. Better a good name than great riches. Always think twice before you post something. Have fun but remitted, enjoy life with your pals buy having fun remember you always live once and it is the high time you take chances.

It is high time you realize that you are living for you; realize that making this decision will make you respect yourself and others. I want you to accept who you are and where you are heading to.

I will always want to see you prosper in life and I will not accept to see do things that I think are not right. Do not disappoint my make good work that I always did for you. Above all these, I still love you as my son.

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