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What history you need to take from a parent in preparation for a well-child visit (considering a baby less than 12 months old). Include questions regarding growth and development appropriate for that age.

Well- child visit is essential for children at early years of life as it is the stage when they are growing fast and developmental changes occurs rapidly. During the well – child visit it is essential to collect health history of parents to have information on their health. The personal medical and mental health history along with perinatal history need to be taken ( Halfon,2013) . Also, the family health history, mental history and psychosocial history need to be given importance. Also, it is important to take information on immunization history and adolescent history. The questions need to be asked regarding the development of child are as follows;

  • Do you have concerns about the hearing and speaking ability of the child?
  • Do you have concerns about the eye sight of the child?
  • Is your child living under child care facility?
  • What is the sleeping and food pattern of the baby?
  • Is the baby starting to walk?
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Describe the developmental tool: Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS), reliability and validity.

The Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) allows the parents about the development and behavioral issue of a child. This developmental tool allows the parents to take decision when they confront with child developmental issues. It educates the parents to confront situation when their child is not developing normally. It describes how to promote optimal development and behavior in children at early stages of their life. It educates the parent the consequences of not identifying children with problems at the right time. PEDS is the most accurate and reliable developmental tool which allows early detection of child developmental issues. According to (Glascoe,2012) “PEDS is both an evidence-based surveillance tool and a screening test, it is also a tool for managing a wide range of developmental, behavioral and family issues”. It is a developmental tool which is effective despite of the education, income, race and marital status of a parent. The reliability of the PEDS was checked by studying the responses of 20 different parents and it indicated that agreement ranged from 80% to 100% across categories, with an average of 95%. Further to test the validity of PEDS, around 771 children were subjected to test measuring IQ, social, motor, academic and emotional skills. It was revealed that the range of score was about .75 ( Glascoe,2012).

What is the appropriate patient education and follow-up for a less than 12 month old baby?

The patient need education about the care of a 12-month-old baby and it mostly relate to the eating and sleeping pattern of the baby. Babies need feeding throughout the day and it can be in form of cereals and pureed fruits and vegetables along with breast milk or formula. The baby can be prompted to feed themselves as they approach 9 months old. Until 12-month-old, the baby should not be left unattended ( Babycentre,2017). The babies from 6 to 12 months grab everything so attention need to be given to avoid injuries. The baby needs a sleep for more than 12 hours as they are growing rapidly. Follow up  need to be done to monitor the immunization at right age.

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