Video games and real-world violence


Article one summary and analysis

There are existing written articles about the relationship between video games and real-world violence. One writer, Teodora Stoica, in her article claims that video games are one of the causes of genocide due to advanced media and technology. She gives an example of a video game involving smashing heads and crushing people into cubes and explains further that such video games and violent movies teach players of brutality at a young age (Kain). There are several articles similar to Stoica’s which attribute current violence to violent games and movies. The claims, however, lack stable grounds because video games do not cause genocide and actual violence. A majority of people who play video games have no record of engaging in crimes or violence because if it happened, then the world would be in chaos considering the number of copies sold globally. The real causes of violence and crime related activities include some policies that promote war and politicians who promote chaos.

Article two summary and analysis

A recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School triggered research on the psychological causes of such an event. Two Meta-analyses reveal that violent video games and movies cause aggression in real life. An examination of experimental and correlational studies shows that engaging in violent video games causes aggression. Even though some writers claim that there is no evidence linking violence to video games, the meta-analyses prove otherwise. Meta-analyses provide accurate data by analyzing a mass set data, and the two Meta-analyses on video games prove that indeed violent video games cause aggression (Twenge). However, because most people find video games interesting and companies creating the video games would not want to believe that fact, there is published misleading information suggesting lack of evidence. The availability of evidence based data shows that the findings are accurate and even though ending video games does not stop violence, it would reduce instances of real life aggression. Furthermore, even though not all people who watch video games become aggressive, a certain number of them will become aggressive and violent video games among other factors of demographics, policies and drug wars cause aggression.

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