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Has any IT Company at its take-off stage ever received more than a dozen requests in a day to design websites, host, and install software and hardware among many other functions as Loyal IT Guru do? A Dozen companies are placing requests to our recent startup technology of creating new websites that do not require website designers to make updates once every time there was a change in schedule.  Designing websites are viewed as a terrible thing to do though that is not the case (Burt, 2016). First, it is easier if I give you my work in the field of information technology. Prior I had been a   project leader for Giant Business IT upgrade that included functionality as well as hardware for high availability. I coordinated one of the hugest testing efforts which included User Community, server developers, and engineering. IT projects are one of the most complex projects (Chan, Leung & Lam, 2014). I am pleased to say that we completed on time and released them to our users as it had been planned. Timely completion of any project indicates the success of a project (Lomotey & Deters, 2014). My manager concluded that it was one of the most efficient and smoothest projects by the company in its history.

Loyal IT Guru now is now truly the pearl of website designing technology. Designing websites that are appealing and which can hold any data is not easy (Cyr, Head & Larios, 2010). However, all requests will go to Loyal IT Guru. No doubt. A customer will request the creation of a website by the company with good reputation in doing so (Tseng & Yang, 2007). If you still doubt how different we create a website from others just order Loyal IT Guru to create one for you. Information technology development requires more advanced inventions (Blažič, 2008).

The barrier to the success of this technology is a simple one that we believe can be solved within a flash of a minute. The company requires more financing to meet the demands from these dozens of demands. Finance is the reason behind existence or non-existence of any company (Fryer, Bourdillon & Chown, 2015). The company requires $50,000 while we can raise $10,000.We seek the generosity of investors to invest in this new technology. One sure thing is that at no day will cash outflow outweigh cash inflow.

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