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As Seth Godin puts forward, the road to success starts with taking the initiative to start working on what is in your mind (Seth 12). Many people may have wonderful ideas but if they are not put in practice they will never be materialized. Therefore the golden rule of materializing your ideas is putting them to action first, then you can worry later, about the fears associated with the putting the idea into action.

Poke the box

Leaders should be in a position to get their teams from comfort zone and do something. Many organizations grow very first in the first years of their operation but after this period their growth slows down. Any idea why? Because after such duration they fall into the comfort zone where everyone is happy and contented therefore new ideas are not thought out nor implemented. Leaders should therefore identify the need to always keep their minds and those of their members working for new ideas at all times. This will ensure that there are activities being tested therefore no one can be bored. Boredom is a contributing factor to lack of productivity in any organization as members feel they are repeating the same thing over and over again (Carroll et al 1036). Probably it explains why organizations not coming up with new ideas do not survive well after five years. Creation of new ideas and putting them to action will guarantee curiosity and spirit to overcome a challenge for all the members in that organization.  

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As a leader, failure to do something is failing. Fear should not dictate what activities will be done and which ones will not be done. In fact, fear produces nothing. It is an illusion that will hinder you from achieving your set objectives by creating a mentality that you may fail. Many people do not like to be associated with failure in whatever they do therefore end up not doing it at all. It is important to try out every idea that comes into you without the slightest fear of the unknown. Your idea may succeed or fail, but if you do not put it in action, you will never know whether you would have succeeded. One should just implement the idea and will be surprised how their life will change for the better. Furthermore failing is not something bad, it is good because every time one fails there are lessons borrowed and they can be used for a future successful activity.

The world around us is moving very first and this means that as a leader, there is no time to think whether a certain idea will work or not, you should just start working on it without waiting for suggestions or instructions from your superiors. If your team is going to win, you are responsible for the ideas you come up with and more importantly the ones you put into action. Therefore, poke the box throughout of your life; it will bring success or lessons that you had no idea about. This will mean that you are also moving.

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