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Council for a Strong America 


The mission for the Council for a Strong America/Strong Nation is to provide bipartisan state, federal public policy, and evidence –based solutions that will help to prepare the youth to be citizen ready and serve the nation in different ways (Council for Strong America, 2016).

Strengths of the Council for a Strong America 

One of the strengths associated with the organization entails its mission. The organization mission to provide the youths with education solutions that help prepare them as good citizens is one that is appealing and in sympathy with the ideals of the American nation (Council for Strong America, 2016). The Council for a strong America is widely known in America and this represents strength of the organization. In other words, the fact that the organization is known across the US and beyond provides strength. In addition, the programs and activities that the organization undertakes are those that have value to the societies and this gives the organization considerable strength. 


Although the Council for a Strong America as nonprofit organization has various benefits for the America citizens, two aspects may be considered weaknesses. First, the organization does not have affiliations with other influential agencies in the communities and this reduces the impacts that it has in the communities where it operates. Nonprofit organizations always become more influential when they partner with likeminded institutions (Wallin, 2016) Another weakness that the organization has revolves around the observation that the organization relies principally on its online presence for its activities and this means that people who do not access the Internet may not learn about the organization and its activities. 

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America 


The mission for the Big Brother and Big Sisters of America is to offer children faced with challenges with enduring, professionally, and strong relationships that transform their lives for the better and for everlasting time (BBBS, n.d).

Strengths of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America 

As a nonprofit organization, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America provides children with housing and education needs and this means that the organization helps children attain their dreams in various ways. This is strength for the organization because issues affecting children are given priority hence an organization that deals with the same will also be given the same recognition (BBBS, n.d). The Big Brothers Big Sisters of America also aims at strengthening communities such as by starting economic activities that aim at reducing the gaps between the high and low income earners. This means that the organization touches on the various issues that affect the community from a wider perspective. Moreover, the organization also partners with different agencies such as government partners, community partners, and government partners hence this is another strength for the organization (Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, 2016). 

Weaknesses of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America 

A probable weakness that the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization has regards the issues of accountability and transparency. The organization does not have frequent auditing from external firms and this hampers the operations of the firm in terms of accountability. Put another way, the lack of frequent auditing raises questions of accountability. 


Based on the analysis of the two nonprofit organizations, my recommendation would be that the two organizations implement their programs in the community. The rationale for this recommendation entails two observations. The first observation is that the Council for Strong America provides solutions that prepare American youths to be better citizens. Because education and participation in various sporting activities is part of the preparation, it makes sense that having the activities of the organization in the community will open many ways for the citizens of America. To this end, the organization will help to address the challenges faced by the youths in the community. When it comes to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the organization should also implement its activities in the community because it provides programs that address the needs of the children in the community while also improving the economic statuses of the communities. The implementation of these organizations in the community will thus help to improve the community. Overall, having both the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Council for a Strong America will help the community to address the problems faced by the various groups of the community. Based on the programs and missions of the organizations, the two organizations can work in a complimentary manner whereby the programs are directed towards solving the primary issues affecting the members of the populations. The fact that both the organizations deal with the matters that touch on the safety and education of children is also another reason why the organizations should implement their activities in the community. 

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