Faze Rug Tunnel

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The faze rug tunnel is such a famous scenery found in San Diego. However, it is also a feature believed to have many myths and horrible events. The history of the tunnel is not well documented, but it is thought that many mysteries took place at the tunnel (Juice & Profile, 2017). The faze rug tunnel is like a drainage system, considered dangerous by many and believed to be the dwelling place of bad and haunting spirits. The tunnel is approximately twenty miles deep, and there is only one way out (Juice & Profile, 2017). Its sides are also covered with graffiti. 

A lot of rumors and beliefs about the tunnel are narrated. One of the most striking rumors is that the tunnel is haunted by an unknown girl (Juice & Profile, 2017). It happened that a young girl was hit by a vehicle that sped off. The girl died at the accident scene. Her spirit haunts the deep end of the tunnel. Some say that the girl can be heard whispering at the entrance of the tunnel. She is heard calling her mother. On another side of the tunnel, a woman is heard screaming, and the scare that comes with the screaming and the girl’s whispers cause people to run. 

Another unfolding says that the tunnel was a sacrificial altar by a group of cultic people (Kang, 2017). Still, another story is told of a young girl who was also a victim of an accident at the tunnel. She was hit to death by a drunk driver. Similarly, another couple is said to have been involved in an accident near the tunnel (Kang, 2017). Unfortunately, the young lady died, but the man survived. It is thus evident that the faze rug tunnel is a mysterious one and has had a bad history.

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