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Samsung galaxy is usually the brand mostly used for the sequences of smart phones and even tablets that are produced and distributed by the company Samsung electronics. In these cases the whole line of products is usually unique. Under this brand the company most of the times ensures a diverse approach to its products in that there are those that are custom built for high end customers and then there are ones built for younger or even budget constricted individuals. Others entice those who have preference for bigger screen display and at the same time appeal to those customers who prefer premium built quality. This also goes for the Galaxy tablets.

Product Strategy

Some people would argue that Samsung has saturated the market by introducing so many products all at the same time. And that this could turn out working against them especially by confusing its own customers. Critics have also pounced on the company that it has taken to an element of repetitiveness in feature and even design considerations of its products (Kim & Mauborgne, 2014). This is because to some people putting focus in fewer products is far much easier than producing several and almost similar products (Kim & Mauborgne, 2014). However at the heart of Samsung’s marketing strategy lies product strategy through product diversification. A research has showed that Samsung has been on the lead on the number of shipments since 2012. Product diversification is known to work best in a market that is populated by consumers that are not just from diverse demographic backgrounds that also possess different psychographics.

Interestingly one of its competitors has in itself noted both the effects and the importance of the product diversification.  Before this, Apple had centered majorly on limited product offering but seems to have changed stance because these days the firm offers more than one categories that represent the iPhone product category and there are other several products that come under the iPad category.  The company- Apple has also gone ahead to bring into the markets iPhones that have a larger screen display unlike its earlier products, it has also brought in iPods with smaller screen displays. If you look keenly theses are strategies that have been in the marketing play book of Samsung for years. It’s also worth noting the existence of the larger screen tablets also known as phablets.

Technological innovation as product Strategy

Over its diverse product collection Samsung has not only come up with and developed a marketing strategy that is product oriented and that notices of the existence of certain segments within its target market. However, this approach is not one that just rests alone with product diversifications. Samsung as many have noted operates in one industry where technological innovations and advancements is the only way one can maintain a competitive edge (Kim, & Mauborgne, 2014). Over the years since its first introduction of the Samsung galaxy device the business has gone ahead and brought one innovation after another and this in itself has helped shape the direction that this industry has taken.

With its introduction of the product Galaxy Note, it went ahead to create specific market for the phablets and this was an unification of both smartphone and tablets and was a reference to those devices that had larger than what would be a normal screen size when it came to smart phones while having smaller than average screens for its tablet products (Mullins et al., 2012). There has also been the introduction of the stylus pens in mobile computing phones and tablets. It’s important to note that it’s not Samsung that initially came up with these product but what they have done is to integrate them with their devices and as such they have become a part of them. This trend has been taken by other companies like Apple and even LG.

It’s also noteworthy of the fact that when a company heavily invests in its innovative aspects then it promotes its leadership role in the industry (Mullins et al., 2012). The introduction of several technological features in itself can play a vital role in the overall marketing initiative of any company. An innovator will always have the advantage when it comes to market competition and that’s what Samsung constantly does.

Promotional Strategy to Supplement Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy that is sued for Samsung Galaxy products usually includes the use of heavy promotions that involves a combination of push and pull strategies. When it comes to push marketing strategy it’s where the corporation ‘pushes’ a merchandise idea and that happens through advertising of sales and further strategies and this it does by its heavy investments sin traditional advertisements methods just like coca cola does and even Nike (Kim & Mauborgne, 2014). It also does push marketing by use of Celebrity endorsement and even spot placements on events that are major like entertainment shows or even sports shows. It has also accounts in social sites like Facebook.

It’s of key importance to note that when it comes to apple it does not depend heavily on the traditional advertising. Rather, its focus is usually mainly on the pull marketing strategy and here the customers are enticed and thus attracted towards its products. And the idea behind this is usually by molding and maintaining of a strong brand image as well as establishing of loyal customer base.

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