Nurse manager skills inventory


My lifelong passion for nursing is probably one of the key reasons why I find so much satisfaction in my job. Helping sick people get better, management of health care plans and continuous learning as far as the medical field is concerned among other activities is basically what I do as a nurse manager. In order to be productive in my profession, certain skills have been of great help.

First of all, I have a clear understanding of my role as a nurse manager and also the current requirements in my field of work. This has been important in my career as it helps me evaluate my performance and ensure that I do all that is required of me. Also, working in a busy hospital with different professional fields, this has been important in ensuring that a healthy work relationship is maintained as I know my limits as far as work is concerned. In future, I want to become a nurse educator and this means that at some point I will have to advance my education in the educational field. I feel that the medical field needs a better breed of nurses, who are well trained to deal with the current issues in the field. As a nurse educator, I can help make that happen by pushing for curriculum development to make the nursing career more wholesome. As such, I love being in charge of interns at the hospital where I work as it provides me with an opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with the students.

As pertains to personal and professional accountability, I am a certified nurse manager having met all the required educational requirements. I am also a member of the American Nurses Association, a professional organization whose main aim is to advance and protect the nursing profession.  Being a member of this association has also contributed a lot to my personal growth as it gives mentorship and insight on opportunities for growth and advancement in the nursing profession. Also, it outlines standards and ethics that nurses are supposed to maintain in the work environment at all times and this has been my guide at my place of work. I am keen on personal growth. As such, I have attended so many workshops and trainings so as to improve my skill set and to learn new things as the medical field is fast advancing.

I see myself as a natural in leadership and management. Throughout my academic life, I have always held leadership positions and delivered well in them. I believe that leadership is basically service to the people you are in charge of. I have great mobilizing skills and this has really helped me in my role as a nurse manager as I am in charge of a number of nurses at the hospital. I am also knowledgeable as far as action learning is concerned and this has been of great use as far as problem solving in my position is concerned.

I believe in integrity and always strive to uphold it no matter the circumstance. This and the ability to work even in the most ambiguous conditions have helped me get promotions at my place of work as my record has remained clean. I appreciate diversity and strongly believe that as long as a person is well qualified for the job, it does not matter where they are from, what faith they profess their gender or sexual orientation. I am able to spot potential from a distance. As such, I have been able to mentor aspiring nurse managers in my place of work.

There is a lot that needs to be reformed in the nurses work environment. For instance, working conditions should be improved, more nurses employed to ease the workload, information technology demands should be met among other issues. Using my mobilizing and negotiation skills, I can help initiate change gradually through communication with the hospital management and human resource departments. If the right approach is used to make a request or appeal, it is always much easier to get the request fulfilled. Though the change might take time, I believe that with resilience I can help make the work environment more conducive for people in the field of nursing.

One of my personal goals as far as leadership growth is concerned is learning to effectively manage my workload. More often than not, I find myself having too much pending work to do and hardly any time for it. This affects the quality of my work at the end of the day. I intend to achieve this by learning how to avoid distractions at the work place, learning how to delegate work to those under me, setting achievable deadlines and learning to say no to unnecessary requests that are part of why my workload is too much. Once I achieve this, I believe that I will increase my job satisfaction and produce better quality results.

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