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Arnold Palmer is a special type of hospital. It is ranked as the best children’s hospital in the United States. This children’s hospital is located in Orlando, Florida. It was founded in 1989 and has a total of 158 beds. In 2017, Arnold Palmer was ranked as the best children’s hospital in the United States by the U. S News and world Reports. There are five main pediatric specialties of this hospital. These are: cardiology and heart surgery, diabetes, urology and endocrinology. This hospital was constructed as a nonprofit private institutional supported by Arnold Palmer Medical Health Foundation. Its main objective is to give every child a chance to live a happy life. The hospital operates on a 24-hour basis and is fully equipped with highly experienced health specialists in research, Intensive care services, surgery and even nursing. Even though Arnold Palmer is a normal hospital, it specializes on children’s heart conditions. 

In 2002, Arnold Palmer Hospital joined the heart center at Miami children’s hospital so that they could work together in ensuring children with heart defects get appropriate help. Arnold Palmer Hospital decided to join this heart center because it was the world leading institution for care of children with heart conditions. Due to their collaboration, they formed the convectional heart Institute at Arnold Palmer Hospital. So far, the Arnold Palmer Hospital has served an estimate of about 1.5 million children. This hospital is widely known for its best quality and compassionate care for the sick children. 

Arnold Palmer Hospital offers quick health care in terms of emergency cases. When a child is badly hurt and needs special and urgent medical care, Arnold Palmer is the best place to visit. This hospital is equipped with two main emergency departments. These departments are the Pediatric Emergency Department and the Level One Trauma Center. The Trauma Level One Center has the ability to treat every kind of illness and injuries that affects children. In some instances, hospitals that are not adequately equipped refer their patients to Arnold Palmer because of its advanced technology that can handle complicated issues. 

Being a community non-profit organization, Arnold Palmer Hospital depends on the community support for funding. This hospital receives funds from the well wishes and other voluntary sponsors (Bourke, 42). The funding 7 donations they receive is what they use for expansion, renovation and modernization of their equipment and resources. For the past years since it’s foundation, this medical facility has been expanding and improving in terms of services and resources. Its expansion has been of great benefit to the entire world as it has saved many lives in complicated situations that other hospitals could not manage. 

The facility has undergone various renovations to make it better. In the recent years it has spent millions of moneys in renovating various areas such as Pediatric radiology section, exterior sections of emergency departments and upgrading the transfer switch. During these renovations, the facility put measures in place to ensure patients continue receiving their normal health care services (Smith, 11). The upgrading of all these sections and equipment have enhanced the performance of this children’s hospital. 

During the research on the Arnold Palmer Hospital for children, Daryl Tol who is the CEO and president of the hospital was interviewed. Below is what he had to say during his interview.

Interviewer. Tol, what do you have to say about the performance of Arnold Palmer in the recent years? 

Mr. Tol: All I can say is that Arnold Palmer children ‘s hospital has come a long way. This hospital started from a humble beginning but currently it is ranked as the best children’s hospital in the United States. 

Interviewer: What is the main secret behind the success of Arnold Palmer Hospital? 

Mr. Tol: The secret behind the success of our hospital is the hard work and commitment of all our employees. The employees of this facility work extra hard and they are always time conscious. They performance their duties with minimal or no supervision. Another thing is technology. Our hospital is highly equipped with advanced machines that help in detecting and treatment of various diseases. 

Interviewer: Do you as an organization participate in Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities? 

Mr. Tol: Yes, we do participate in CSR activities. For instance, we sponsor some needy students in pursuing their education, we organize yearly environmental cleaning events and we also organize free treatment sessions during special holidays. 

Interviewer: Finally, where do you see Arnold Palmer children’s hospital in five years to come? 

Mr. Tol: In five years to come I see our hospital will be recognized as the best children’s hospital worldwide rather than just in the United States. This is because of the quality of services we offer. 

In conclusion, Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital is developing at a quick rate. It was considered the best children’s hospital in the United States because it provides high quality medical care for the children. Its great performance is influenced by the advanced technological equipment available in the facility. From their CEO’s speech, it is evident that the medical facility has the ability to expand and gain fame globally. 

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