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In order to be able to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, it will be crucial to modify the law (McCarthy, 2016). There are crucial things that needs to be included in the new law so that a good number of voters can be convinced. For instance, the costs have to be well calculated so that they are in favor of the Americans (Carroll, 2017; Manchikanti & Hirsch, 2016). The modification has to be based on the view of the different Republicans in the House and in the Senate. If what they consider crucial is included in the law, there will be surety that they will replace the Affordable Care Act. 

It will be crucial for you as the Speaker of the House to be strategic in planning so that the voting happens when enough voters have been mobilized (Jost, 2017). Since you have the power, you should buy enough time for campaigning so that voting happens when the polls are in favor of the Republicans. It is a strategy that has been used in the past by the ruling party to win repeal and replace bills (Manchikanti & Hirsch, 2016). This will help prevent Democrats from defeating the repeal and replace bill. 

As Senate Majority Leader, it will be crucial to go for individual votes. This means approaching every republican in the senate as well those in the house individually (Oberlander, 2017). It is easier to get the vote with an individual-approach rather than a group approach. The individual approach will help identify any issues that may hinder getting the vote to remove the Affordable Care Act (McCarthy, 2017). The information will be used in modifying the law. 

The elected Republicans who do not vote in favor of removing Obamacare should be lowly ranked in the party. This means that they will not be given an opportunity in the different Committees in the House and the Senate (Jost, 2017; Carroll, 2017). They will remain less active in the party. Besides, they will always be at risk of facing the wrath of the chief whip. 

For the elected Republicans who vote in favor of the repeal and replace bill they will be highly ranked in the party. This means that they will have high chances of being selected in the different committees (Manchikanti & Hirsch, 2016). They will be actively involved in all the affairs of the party. 

I believe that this is the best opportunity for all Republicans to show support for the removal of the Affordable Care Act. It will be a big win for our President considering that Obama and all the other Democrats are out to see that the Act remains (Jost, 2017). Besides, it will be a shame for the government to fail in one of the promises given a priority in the campaigns. 

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