Treatment of Native American and the U.S military by the colonist

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Before 1600s Native Americans who occupied a significant percentage of the Native American had faced hostility from the Spanish explorers. Therefore the arrival of English people in this area also meant that they would face the same hostility. The colonization in America mostly took place in North American and England, Spain, French and Netherlands were the main colonist groups. The English people were the people who were more hostile to the Native American people. The United State Army started in the year 1775 with the aim of fighting the land battles in the American soil. The army was significant as it fought major wars in America.  Both the Native American in North America and the army faced some treatments as discussed below.

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At first, the native group people thought that English people were harmless. However around 1609 things changed. The English people started invading the American Indian people and having the intentions of taking their lands. It resulted in the Indians starting to attack the English settlers. They had to fight for their rights of owning the lands and everything in it. As the English people needed more land for cultivation, they had to evacuate the Indians from their territories. Some of the villages of the Indians were burned were many Indians lost their homes. As the lands were not enough for the English people, they went ahead and cleared many forests around North America. India’s realized that settlement of the English people in this area continued to be a treat to the Indians and they had to find means to strike the English people. (Blackhawk, 2009).

In the case of the United States Army, they too faced their challenges. The British Army was the greatest threat during the time. For example, in the year 1812, the US troop failed to stop the British army which resulted in burning of the new capital in Washington .D.C. As they continued with their duties, they could be driven away in their areas for the colonialist to settle in those areas. The American army was treated harshly by the invaders, and most of them died in the process of fighting for the freedom of the country. However, there came a time when there was the fight of the Native American with US army where the army wanted to take more land from the area. In this case, the US army faced hostility where also the Indian America people faced hostility.

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The militias’ creation was started by the local government where they enrolled people who were meant to be volunteers. The militias were supposed to fight the Native American from the west region hence the American- Indian war in 1812. The Native American group resisted the U.S from expanding their territories toward their continent. Therefore it is true that the militias were in the aim of expanding their boundaries in the west where the Native American resisted resulting in American Indian fight in America. (Cress, 2017).

From the above discussion, it is shown that most Indian American people faced a lot of hostility. Even before the invasion of the English people, they had faced a lot of challenges from the Spanish, Dutch and the France communities. It resulted in most of them losing their lands falling into the hand of the colonists. They also faced brutality and even some faced death during the wars. Similarly, since the British army was very strong made the US army to look weak hence could overcome it in many fights leading to many facing death and loss of lands.

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